Goa is the first and only state in India to follow a Uniform Civil Code (UCC). That means no Muslim domiciled in Goa can practice Nikah Halala,  cannot unilaterally divorce his wife, cannot deny maintaince to his wife and children and cannot practice Polygamy.

The same Civil code applies to all people domiciled in Goa whether (s)he is a Muslim or Christian or Hindu.

Why there is so much objection to the UCC (especially from Muslims)? That means if the UCC is in place there is an influential section of people who are all set to lose.

Please refer my article here. The article explains the root reason why the Mullahs and Maulvis are so influential in India.

Lets now come to the point as who all will lose once UCC is in place.

  1. Nikah Halala businessmen: There are many news reports claiming Nikah Halala to have become a business.  One session of Nikah Halala costs starting from Rs. 20000/- to Rs. 150000/-. Once, UCC is in place, there would be no such provision in the new law. Hence, this business will get destroyed in total.
  2. Parallel Judiciary business: As I had explained in the article, a parallel judiciary has flourished among the Muslims (in the form of Qazis and Muftis). Due to Shariat they get money and influence by adjudicating personal disputes (whether marital or inheritance). Once UCC is in place, such disputes will be adjudicated by courts. Hence all Qazis and Muftis will become jobless.
  3. Madrassa business: The Imams, Qazis and Muftis are educated and trained in Madrassas. The Madrassa training promises good career opportunity. After UCC comes to force, all such career opportunities will vanish. So parents will stop sending their children to Madrassas, as a result the entire Madrassa education system will crumble down.
  4. Legalized Prostitution business: The Triple-talaq and Polygamy makes prostitution very easy. How? A 70 year old man (say from Arabia) comes and marries an 18 year old girl in Hyderabad, have sex with her for few days and divorces her by giving triple-talaq(uttering “talaq” thrice) . Prostitution is legally banned in India. But no action can be taken as the man is having sex with his legal wife. In several places in India, foreigners coming and having sex with young girls (and giving them talaq) is a thriving business. Whereas, for a married non-Muslim man taking second wife is a criminal offense under IPC 494 and 495. On top of that any non-Muslims seeking a divorce have to approach the court (and the process may take years). So, once UCC is in place all such “legalized” prostitution business will crumble. This was the reason why there was so fierce opposition to Modi’s triple-talaq bill.

Hence, it is clear why there is so much opposition to UCC. There is an entrenched ecosystem with deep pockets which is fighting the UCC.

The Christian, Jew and Parsi community is NOT opposing UCC because their personal laws are progressive (more or less on similar lines as Hindus). So once, UCC is in place no one in those communities will lose.

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