We’ve heard about #LandJihad, #FoodJihad, #LoveJihad, and now emerges #chaddiJihad or #PantyJihad where Muzlims are forming well-organized gangs to steal underwear from homes of Hindu women. (Chaddi = vernacular for undergarments, mostly panties).

One such story has made the news from UP and is worth looking into. The instance of #chaddiJihad have been happening in Meerut, UP. Women in India often put clothing to dry in their patios and balconies. However, two perverts were recently caught – Mohammad Romin and Mohammad Assak. They were actually arrested by the Police as they got caught in the act.

Chaddi Chors

The two Mohammads have admitted to having stolen bras and panties from over ten women. The video – which has now gone viral shows the perverts wearing skull caps and one is seen getting off his scooter to pray namaj while the other is seen stealing chaddis and driving away.

Reason for theft? Sexual Pleasure.

These two Mohammad idiots who were captured on CCTV cameras mentioned that they use the undergarments for sexual pleasure.

Sanjay Chaudhary at Sadar Bazar filed the complaint with the police as he had the recording of a video which showed the two men stealing underwear of his minor daughter.

Another popular reason? #LoveJihad

Pervert Muzzies also are known to steal underwear of Kafir-Hindu women for black magic, jaado tona purposes.

Image: Jagran

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