Days after a video of a Kerala boy shouting provocative slogans in the rally organised by PFI went viral, another video is surfacing on the internet in which a bunch of children can be heard shouting “Hum le ke rahenge azaadi, dogs of RSS and black Modi’s black children.”

Earlier, a video went viral of a minor boy who was shouting communal slogans against Hindus and Christians in a Jana maha sammelanam organized by PFI. Threatening slogans were made by PFI thousands of PFI members who were engaged in the rally.

“Hindus should preserve grains for their last rites, and Christians should have incense for their last rites,” a boy can be heard saying in the video. If you live nicely, you can dwell in our land; if you don’t, we know Azadi will come for you (freedom). “Live decently, decently, decently.” The slogan was repeated by those who attended the gathering.

PFI members heard shouting in the rally, “If you refuse to live quietly in our land, be prepared for your death rituals. If you don’t want to live quietly, have rice flakes on hand to fill your mouth (For Hindus ). If you won’t live peacefully, be prepared to burn amber in your home ( For Christians). We are your death because we are coming. We will not travel to Pakistan or Bangladesh; instead, you must live here as we say; otherwise, we will murder you even if we are attacked. We are proud to be martyrs, and we honour them. We know how to ask for ‘Azadi’ if you won’t live quietly. Prepare for your demise.”

Moreover, the mob promised to hold another ‘Sujood’ (kind of prayer) in the disputed Babri Masjid in Ayodhya. They’ve also decided to continue ‘Sujood’ going in the contentious ‘Gyanvapi Mosque,’ which was erected on the ruins of a temple in Varanasi. They stated that they will not be leaving for Pakistan or Bangladesh and that if they do, they will be taking the Sangh Parivar with them.

Kerala Police detained the father of a minor who shouted anti-Hindu and anti-Christian chants

In development, in this case, Kerala police have recently nabbed the minor and later his father from Alappuzha, Kerala. The boy was already tracked down to Palluruthy in Kochi two days prior, but his family had fled. The father of the minor was apprehended by the police when the family came home. The family stated that they were on vacation and that they were not hiding from the cops.

Meanwhile, PFI members have been protesting against his arrest. Over his behaviour, the police are likely to file a report with the Child Welfare Committee (CWC). After that, the CWC will arrange for his counselling.

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