In a major arrangement, Delhi Lieutenant Governor Anil Baijal on Saturday has issued a notification related to the National Security Act (NSA). The Delhi Governor has issued a notification granting power to the Police Commissioner to arrest anyone under National Security Act (NSA). The notification will be in effect till October 18, 2021. The notification comes days ahead of Independence Day. 

The National Security Act empowers the authorities to detain anyone if they are satisfied that the person is a threat to national security or prevent the person from disrupting public order. The act was brought in by former Prime Minister of India, Indira Gandhi on September 23, 1980. As per the act, a person can be detained for up to 12 months without a charge. In addition, a person can be held for over 10 days without knowing the charges against them. Even though a person may be granted a chance to appeal before a high court advisory board, he or she will not be allowed access to a lawyer during the trial. 

The NSA originates from the colonial era when the Bengal Regulation III was enacted to empower the British government to imprison anyone for maintenance of public order. The arrested persons did not have recourse to the judicial proceedings. Following that, the Rowlatt Act OF 1919 allowed the authorities to confine the accused without a trial.  After Independence, Indira Gandhi introduced the controversial Maintenance of Internal Security Act (MISA) in 1971, which was similar to the Rowlatt Act. However, it was repealed in 1977 and eventually the National Security Act (NSA) 1980 was brought in. 


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