Ashoka nowadays is known as “Ashoka The Great”, which has to be one of the greatest jokes of Modern History Books, which are filled with Marxist Distortions.

The truth is, Ashoka was a psychopath who turned the Maurya Empire into a full blown cruel Imperial Expansionist State. Ashoka was also infamous for mistreating his citizens and his own family members, until recently, when the History Books erased all of that.

Much like Aurangzeb, Ashoka also killed his own brothers, and he did so in a very cruel way. Just like it is not a myth that Aurangzeb destroyed Temples, it is also not a myth that Ashoka killed Ninety-Nine of his own brothers, no matter how much fans of Ashoka will try to prove this incident as a “myth”.

The book “Ashovadhana” states that Ashoka had various Torture Chambers set up all across his Kingdom, much like the Soviets had Gulags or Nazis had Concentration Camps. One of these Torture Chambers made by Ashoka was called “Ashoka’s Hell” or “Agam Kuan” and it is still present in Bihar.

Ashoka’s Torture Chamber – Agam Kuan

In such torture chambers, he tortured and killed thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of his own citizens, who were mainly Hindu.

The death toll of Kalinga War is also misrepresented as according to Ancient Sources, Ashoka not only killed thousands but millions of people, including civilians, in that war. It is important to note that he converted to Buddhism before that war, and not after. And another thing to note is that most of the victims of Ashoka’s Cruelty during the Kalinga War were the Odia People. You cannot blame Odisha and Bengal for not liking Bihar when Ashoka, the King of Magadha (which is modern day Bihar), unleashed such cruelty upon the Odia Hindus.

Ashoka had a skin problem because of which his skin gave off bad smell. One day Ashoka over heard one of the women in his palaces talking about his skin condition of bad smell. This enraged Ashoka so much he had 500 women in his harem burned that included his wives too. Ashoka also killed many of his ministers because he suspected that they were traitors. Ashoka also burnt many Jaina and Brahmana monks out of anger. All of this is recorded in Ashokavadhana and other such Ancient Books, which just show a glimpse of Ashoka’s Cruelty.

Another myth is that Chanakya supported Ashoka, and this myth is propagated by the TV Serials. Chanakya only supported Chandragupta Maurya, not Ashoka. And I also respect the great Chandragupta Maurya, who founded the Maurya Empire, and not Ashoka, who turned the Maurya Empire into an Empire of Horrors and Violence!

Ashoka was nowhere near as great as his grandfather and he should not be compared with him also, since that would be an insult to the greatness of Chandragupta Maurya. We should all respect and glorify Chandragupta Maurya who overthrew the cruel Nanda Empire but not the Ashoka who turned the Maurya Empire into just as cruel of an Empire as the Nandas!


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