This Ramnavami again witnessed stone pelting from muslim dominated areas on Ramnavmi processions in many states. But instead of blaming muslim community for their filthy deeds, some Terrorism sympathizer journalists and politicians are busy pointing out and blaming the Hindu community for celebrating Ramnavmi in so called “muslim areas”.


They are repeatedly using the terminology of “muslim areas” to prove their nonsensical talks. But the use of this terminology ‘muslim areas’ is not only limited to social media platforms but also can similar ramifications like 1947 partition.


By using the terminology of “muslim areas”, some Terrorism sympathizer are trying to create mini-Pakistan in every district where not even police can enter. By blaming Hindus for venturing into “Muslim areas” they are trying to divide Bharat again. If history taught us anything it is that Muslim areas soon turn into Muslim countries. All it requires is a Jinnah. And today we have hundreds.


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