Some people have the tendency to seek attention by any means, they can go to any extent, even it means to defame a religion, heart sentiments of crores of Hindus.

Deepika Rajawat, Kathua Lawyer is one such attention seeker. She only appeared twice of 110 hearing and later removed by the victim’s father as she was failed to appear in hearings.

She also offered her service to Hathras victims on Twitter. The truth about these opportunists is that once their goal is reached they ditch the victim’s family and move on. As she did in the case of Kathua’s victim.

Following the footsteps of fellow leftists and Islamists, to grab some eyeball, to attack Hindu festivals, she viciously attacked the Navratra festival by posting an objecting cartoon on Twitter about Hindus. She wants to portray Hindus as rapists.

As soon as her tweet gone viral, Twitterati started trending #Arrest_Deepika_Rajawat. People asked to arrest her for hurting Hindu’s sentiments in the pious days of Navratri.

Twitterati pointed out Deepika Rajawat’s hypocrisy. She tweets Happy Eid on Eid and Defame Hindus in Navratri Days.

These days it’s a common tendency among the leftists and Islamists to write against Hindu Festivals. These vultures must note that Hindu festivals are not social awareness campaigns and they don’t need to connect all social issues to it!

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