The adage, “The more things change the more they stay the same”. We thought with Prime Minister Modi swearing in as the Prime Minister and having Amit Shah as the Minister Of Home Affairs, India has changed and would not have to witness the shame of being held to ransom by a handful of terrorists as we saw the commercial capital of India held hostage on 26/11/2008.

But we were rudely woken up to the image of Khalistani terrorists tearing Indian Flags and hoisting Khalistani Flags on the national capital’s Red Fort on 26/01/2021 the day when the country celebrated its 72nd Republic Day Anniversary; the Delhi Police & CISF being mauled and marauded by the Khalistani terrorists.

No proud nation worth its salt lets such gross insult and anarchy to be played out on its capital streets and watch as mute spectators. The police were not given orders to shoot the Khalistani terrorists in the national capital yesterday because of fear of international censure by the same leftist-jihadi-Christian evangelists cabal.

Every nationalist citizen knew that allowing these mobsters and gangsters to stage their tractor rally would spell mayhem and anarchy for India. The terrorists resorting to new techniques of financing fake protests in the name of CAA and Farm Acts as a blackmail and creating communal riots in the society was very evident for every proud nationalist with even half-a- brain.

It is appalling that Narendar Modi and Amit Shah bent over backwards to appease the so-called farmer protests garnered by class war ideologues like Yogender Yadav, Tikait, Prashanth Bhushan and Diljit Dosanjh type Khalistani puppets. The central government should have cracked down and arrested these characters under UAPA, NSA, Sections 121, 121A, 123, 124, 124A of the IPC for offences against the State and abetting sedition, causing terror and attempt to mass murder. Instead these doctors of terror were glorified by holding talks with them and trying to appease them.

PM Modi & Amit Shah would have clearly known that the intentions of these characters was not opposition to the concerned Acts per se, even if one does not go into the absurdity of opposing beneficial legislations, but to create anarchy and capture power by brute force of overawing the state and pace-loving law abiding citizens of this country.

The Supreme Court could have been warned off by the government for its judicial overreach in executive space in the present fiasco by warning them that if due to their unwarranted interference and mollycoddling results in law and order deterioration and loss of lives in the national capital, then the sitting judges of the SC responsible would be prosecuted for abetment to rioting and terror.

The Central Government cannot abdicate its responsibilities to the Supreme Court which wields power without any accountability.

Manmohan Singh- Sonia Gandhi government let mayhem and anarchy be perpetrated in India on 26/11 due to their ideological affinity with the Jihadi-Naxal-Khalistani-Christian evangelist terrorists. This made India look weak and helplessly in the grip of terrorists calling the shots in a civilized, sovereign, democratic country with all her weapons and finest of army and security forces in the world.

The situation is no better now. Modi & Amit Shah are no doubt nationalists, but they are too scarred by the fake cases launched on them by Sonia Gandhi and her anti-national friends, that they have appeased these destructive and nation destroying forces for a long time now by giving them a very long rope and too much comfort to create mayhem.

So, Modi ji and Amit Shah ji it is your duty to protect the law abiding nationalists of this country by using the police effectively, by not binding them to not use commensurate force to tackle anti-national mobsters. Moreover use the Financial watchdogs to stifle the free flow of money to these Priests of terrorism to unleash mayhem on the national capital of the country to run riot on the Republic Day.

Otherwise The Modi Government came off as weak kneed before terrorism as the dubious jihadi-terror friendly Manmohan Singh Government propped by Sonia Gandhi.



















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