Wuhan Virus / COVID which emerged from China has already created havoc. Directly hitting the economy, mental peace and bringing negativity among st people. People in general have became so scared that even a minor cold and minor fever caused by harassment or over work is suspected of being Wuhan Virus.

Well we just blame people for the negativity, its the new channels, social media platforms and all the paid media which are paid for spreading the negative news ( obviously for the benefit of International Vaccine Manufacturers ) are the main culprit. As we are living in fear we automatically tend to switch on TV for some better news, but at the end of the day its the same.

One example of how negativity can make you Wuhan Virus Positive better known in India as Covid Positive is shared below.

One of our known relative had fever once because of over work. This is first time when he thought he has been attacked by Wuhan Virus.

Second time he developed some breathlessness. He is in his early fifties, drives car with mask, wear mask in office for full 8 hours. Stays on 2nd floor. But obvious some short breath will be there.

Third time again same very mild fever because of season change.

Fourth time again same two issues. Combined. He checked himself but he was Covid Negative. In all these time he doesnt have cough, no cold.

These all happened in span of 3 months.

Last when he actually tested positive was when he was just having a mild fever. He worked whole day in office on Friday, on Saturday some household work which made him physically stressed. Wife drinks water from same glass, Electrician who came for the work, worked closely with him, with physical contact, he speaks to his mother who is an Octagenarian even touches her. Its only this person who constantly was thinking he would develop positive symptoms actually contracts the virus. None of the other people were covid positive after test. And as he developed this virus because of his over thinking and negative thinking, he was fit and fine in a span of 14 days of home quarantine. He took Coronil, distanced himself, ate citrus fruits and exercise.

This is what the pharma demons who developed this virus and used as a Bio War fare wants us to think and constantly think about this virus so that it finally catches you. Its a mental game. We have to remain positive.


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