The anti-Hindu DMK government has not lost any time in pursuing its Hindu hatred agenda as soon as it assumed power. After attacking Hindu NGOs run educational institutions it has now started to behave directly like Aurangzeb by selectively demolishing seven Hindu Temples in Coimbatore under the garb of encroachment clearance drive. While the Christian mafia run amok in the entire state, encroaching public lands building illegal churches all over Tamil Nadu. The Christian mafia has in fact encroached several hill spaces, including the entire Vajragiri Hill in Tamil Nadu by building illegal Churches every where.

The seven Hindu Temples were surreptitiously demolished at 6am in the morning on Tuesday at Kumarasamy Nagar in Coimbatore under the garb of removing encroachments along eastern bund of Muthannankulam tank.

The Municipal Corporation in Coimbatore is carrying out a drive to pave the path for lake rejuvenation and restoration projects near Selvampathy and Kumarasamy lakes at a cost of 31.25 crore. Under the demolition drive, the corporation demolished 2400 houses, which were empty as alternative homes were provided for residents before demolition.

But the Corporation went around razing seven imposing temples to dust in the area and brazenly removed the idols without even providing alternate place to worship. This kind of high handed behaviour is only meted out to Hindu Temples while no illegal Church or Mosque is even touched by a barge pole, leave alone bull dozed and razed down for development projects. There are many cases when layouts of development and infrastructure augmentation projects are changed to avoid demolition of Church or Mosque even if they are built on encroached public lands.

Notably, the Hindu Munnani has even petitioned the Supreme Court to reclaim the Vajragiri Hill captured by the Church mafia in Acharapakkam area of Chengalpattu barely 95 kms from Chennai. The Vajragiri Hill which houses the 1500 year old ancient Shiva Temple is occupied illegally by Christian missionaries who foxily manoeuvre to prevent Hindus from gaining access to the temple. They have encroached over 60 acres of land all over the Hill and claim to have 99 years lease of forest land! But the DMK government backed by Evangelist mafia does not dare to take any step to demolish these illegal Churches.

Vajragiri Hill Totally Encroached By Christian Missionaries, Photo: Kathir News

In the present case, the dictatorial Babaresque DMK government, not only demolished the seven temples, they also denied the fundamental right to protest against such draconian acts of the authorities trampling the religious rights of citizens. 240 members of Hindu Munnani were arrested for staging a protest at the site demanding the corporation to provide alternative place to worship the idols.

C Dhanapal, public relation officer of the Hindu Munnani reportedly said that while the outfit had been demanding the corporation to provide an alternative site to worship the idols and the corporation, the Corporation unilaterally started demolishing the temples early in the morning at 6am without intimating anybody like thieves.

The Vishwa Hindu Parishad, issued a statement saying that the outfit would stage a protest at Gandhi Park in the city on Wednesday condemning the corporation for demolishing the temples.

It is shocking that Tamil Nadu, the land of magnificent ancient Temples is now fast becoming a land of Temple ruins where the house of Devis and Devtas are being razed to the ground under the iconoclast anti-Hindu pro-secessionist DMK rule. The Hindu hating mainstream media did not even bother to report the demolition of seven Temples as a major independent news nor did it raise even a murmur of outrage against it.

N.B.: Although the demolition of seven temples in Coimbatore on 13th July, 2021 is a recorded fact, the featured image of this article contains a screen shot of the viral video which is purportedly of demolition of temple in Coimbatore. The author does not claim the authenticity of the video. In any case the featured image could be treated as representative if the viral video is proved to be not of the particular incident.

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News input:Times of India

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