As soon as you’ve written and published a book, you’ve likely begun searching for information about book promotion services. They are an essential next step toward success. As you’re deciding what to do first, don’t overlook the importance of author publicity. Books generate more sales when it’s easy for readers to associate them with the author. Therefore, in the same way, businesses have brand names for their products, authors need to create brands for themselves. If you’re new to branding, it is what book buyers associate with one author versus another – the thoughts and feelings that lead to book sales.

Similar to book marketing, there are many facets to author promotion. It begins by identifying the target audience and what media outlets are best suited to your book—then moving on to the development of a customized and focused marketing plan that promotes you and your book. How you choose to position yourself will depend on your area of expertise, how well known you might be already, and the topic of your book. No single strategy work for every author. It’s essential to develop a strategy that works best for you. Also, you’ll need distinct pitching angles for the media aligned with your marketing plan.

Cultivating healthy, personal relationships with the media is a vital part of the process. Once you begin receiving media coverage from regional and national outlets, you’ll be regarded as a thought leader within your profession or industry. The media coverage spills over to the internet and creates even more buzz about you and your book. If you’re a new author, you may need to begin by targeting smaller local media and work your way up. Initial media pitches need to go to local news outlets, such as radio stations, newspapers, and their websites.  Local TV also works well, and city magazines, if available.

Another critical initial decision is whether to take on author promotion as a DIY project or hire a professional book marketing firm. It may serve you well to hire professionals if your budget allows because they already have established media relationships. Experienced publicists also have knowledge and resources to promote authors and their books effectively. Most have helped numerous authors, both traditionally and self-published, build their brands. Increasing book sales is always a goal, but many other essential considerations also figure in. Well-known authors can write many successful books.

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