What is the “Gita”

The Gita is the representative literature of Indic civilization. No other work encompasses in itself, to the extent it is possible, the historical development of the people in philosophy, culture and metaphysics, ethics and literature. The essence of Vedanta connecting the thread of wisdom, its sutra, from the Vedas and the Upanishads weaves the essential fabric of this Ultimate Upanishad. Nor is the Gita solely dedicated to Vedanta only. It synthetises in itself the philosophy of Sankhya, even its atheistic dualistic darshana, integrates the movements of Vaishnava bhakti in its discourse, absorbs the essence of yoga and karma yoga, and builds them into a vast comprehensive experience and vision.

Indian Liberals Are Not Liberal

But the biggest challenge to liberalism today is a fundamental lack of integrity. The unwillingness to take a stand based on principle, whether it is against dynasty in politics, or to stand up for inconvenient truths like the exodus of Kashmiri pandits and their refugee status, or the degenerate and pernicious activities in Bollywood aligned with ISI, or the inconsistency flagrantly displayed to gain votes by milking Sabarimala. A gratuitous giveaway given to the Nehru-Gandhi family, no matter how atrocious or undemocratic their behavior might be, whether it is with matters of National Tribune or Bofors or corruption by Vadra or the disrespect shown by Rahul Gandhi towards the entire cabinet of the country, is a glaring contradiction in terms.

Sri Aurobindo, the Literary Giant

It is my realization that the Indians have done poorly in ensuring that our national treasures, the most creative minds and spirits, are widely circulated and studied with utmost focus and attention.

Sarojini Naidu: A Poet Forgotten

Makarand Paranjape, poet, scholar, researcher, teacher, has performed a stellar service in compiling her selected poetry and prose, with detailed commentary about her challenges, needs, roles and burdens as one of the early Indian poets in English, strutting the ramp for western audience and the literati.

If Congress Were a Business, It Would Be Bankrupt Today. And Its Assets Sold Off

The Indian National Congress is a hundred and thirty two years old party. At least, if we believe, this is the same organization that took part in India’s freedom struggle. Valid reasons can be given to suggest otherwise. That this is not even a shadow of the organization which once boasted of luminaries such as Mahatma Gandhi, Lokmanya Tilak, Bipin Chandra Pal, Jawaharlal Nehru, Sardar Patel and so many others in its ranks. My own grandfather was a peasant leader who almost gave up his life in the battle for fairness and equality and served in the first cabinet in Rajasthan as Home Minister. Today, that mindset is gone.

What is Dharma?

Unique to the Indic world-view is the understanding that as one grows inwardly and spiritually so does one’s understanding of one’s dharma. In a progressive revelation dharma appears self-evident and obvious in an intuitive, vigyanamaya, understanding, that is not just mental, yet not infra-intellectual. For example, the entire Gita is an unveiling to Arjuna of his dharma through the eighteen chapters of instructions by Sri Krishna. If one might say that the Gita is a manual of the progressive unveiling of one’s dharma, one would not be incorrect.