AIMIM: Past and Present

The suave politician that Mr. Asaduddin Owaisi is, mouthing copiously the so-called secular credentials of his party on debates and TV interviews, goes on to play the Muslim card and the need to form a strong Muslim party for getting justice to Muslim demands. I am yet to come across an issue that the AIMIM or Mr. Owaisi has raised for any other community other than Muslims. Like other Muslim parties, the entire representation of AIMIM is through Ashrafi candidates (either descendants of the prophet or the upper caste converts). Even the 5 seats that AIMIM won in Bihar are all Ashrafi’s. The Pasmanda (lower caste) Muslims do not get enough representation and are simply used to garner votes and as foot soldiers. This caste system in Indian Muslims itself is a topic for another article.