Deplatforming Trump is not about Right or Left

We are all living in a bubble of make believe free world created by Google, now that it controls all the gateways and Amazon controlling Cloud services that were heralded as ultimate poor man’s pathway to the world. We decry China for many right reasons, but in its interest, it banished Google. They created their own operating systems, their on e-commerce tech, Social media apps. Now, same Google is allegedly working for them to improve their operating systems! Apple bent over backwards to do business with China.

Gooseberry: Empire Strikes Back

Our gora sahib Willy was having his afternoon siesta, following his colonial habits. He was suddenly disturbed by a desperate call from Barfa bee....

What Ails Hindi Film Industry?

We have heard Kangana speaking out boldly since some time now. Her Republic TV interview will be a landmark in this fight of Hindi cinema vs Bollywood. But, we couldn’t hear the pain of Sushant Singh Rajput. Kangana is a fighter from the mountains, she might still survive. But, should this deracinated Bollywood be allowed to survive and present a twisted world view to our youth? We need Hindi cinema, not Bollywood.

What do ‘Bhakts’ Want?

Unquestioning bhakts are not good for nation’s health. BJP bhakts are bhakts of Motherland, hence support it. They wish to see the renaissance of their dear nation – Bharat, nothing more.