Rajiv Gandhi “died” on 21st May, 1991
Rajiv Gandhi Foundation founded on 21st June, 1991

A grieving wife was able to incorporate a trust within 30 days from the date of death of her husband.

In those days, any Trust or Section 25 Company (now it is Section 8 Company) took more than a month to be founded. It is possible that due to the name and influence that it carried, Rajiv Gandhi Foundation would have taken a bit lesser, but not less than 20-25 days. However, it is intriguing that even before the ashes of her husband had cooled down, she was able to discuss the Trust Deed and get in people to sign the documents.

I am not churning any conspiracy theory that the idea of foundation was created before the death of Rajiv Gandhi. But it is unimaginable that Sonia could initiate all this and also get it done within a month even when she supposedly had no power and no inclination in public life, as is widely publicized and what people are made to believe. Even a business family creates a trust in memory of their patriarch / matriarch / founder at least a few months after the death of the said person.

Getting the NGO registered exactly 30 days after the death of Rajiv Gandhi is intriguing for reasons I have listed above and also shatters the myth that Sonia was not interested in power.

This is further reinforced when in his maiden budget speech on 24th July, 1991 (yes 1 month and 3 days after date of formation of Rajiv Gandhi Foundation) Manmohan Singh allocated Rs. 100 crores to RGF. How can that happen so quickly, if the widow of the former PM was grieving and not interested in politics or power or public life? Budget making process takes atleast a month. How could a grieving widow pull all strings and influence the FM and PM to transfer Rs. 100 crores of public money to her personal fiefdom, if she was then away from politics, power, and public life?

Source : Google/Social Media, Image : Sakal Times

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