As the multiplying numbers of corona affected patients haunt the state of West Bengal, Didi shreds every pinch of responsibility away from her shoulders. People are dying without treatment in more than one place in the state. Hospitals are refusing admission and playing around asking for formalities from families of dying patients.

On Friday, 10-Jul, we lost an eighteen-year-old Subhrajit Chattopadhyay who had appeared for class XII Boards this year. His devastated mother was seen on a Bengali news channel saying, “My son suffered from urine infection and he was treated at Kamarhati ESI Govt Hospital. He tested positive and we were asked to take him to a better facility. We took him to Midland Nursing Home but they did not attend him for hours. They refused admission after they learnt that he was covid19 positive. We then took him to Sagar Dutta Govt Hospital, but they also denied admission. “My son died due to lack of proper treatment,” she said. Then they called Kolkata Police Headquarters who helped them to get admission in Kolkata Medical College and Hospital. “My son was not attended for five hours. He had shown a high sugar problem in a test but was not treated,” she said.

Cremation of the Deceased Patients
There has been mass unrest over the cremation of the deceased patients. Insufficient information teasers are being created repeatedly on the subject of the funeral of the deceased patients. The administrative head of the state, the Chief Minister of West Bengal, Ms Mamata Banerjee said, “Government is not God”. In the context of cremation, she said, “Make a chimney in my body and burn it.”

In addition to expressing displeasure over the questions on cremation, she also expressed displeasure over the behavior of patients. “Adapt,” she said, referring to allegations and protests against the quarantine center. The government is neither God nor magician. The government also has a limitation, everyone has to understand that.

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