Meet Muslim Cleric Ahmadullah from Bangladesh. He has issued a fatwa against folks using the “haha” emoji when used for mocking people.

Ahmadullah has a huge online following on social media; over three million followers both on YouTube and Facebook. He’s often seen on Bangladeshi TV channels discussing religious issues.

Recently, Ahmadullah posted a brief video about mocking people on Facebook and explained how mocking others with haha emojis is considered to be totally haram for Muslims.

He further explained that it’s okay to use the “haha” emoji for fun but if the emoji is intended to mock and ridicule others, it is not okay as it is FORBIDDEN in Islam.

Regardless of all of the murky drama, this video of his where he issues a fatwa against the “haha” emoji has received thousands of views and most are making fun of Ahmadullah using the “haha” emoji.

Image: Mashable SEA

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