There have been several instances of violence against the religious minorities in Bangladesh. Hindus, Buddhists and Christians have come under widespread attacks by Islamist extremists during communal riots, elections and post-poll violence.

But now of these attacks target Hindus, the largest minority of the country, who are particularly vulnerable in a period of rising violence and extremism, whether motivated by religious, political or criminal factors, or some combination. Bangladesh has been rocked by several anti-Hindu riots in 1992, 2001, 2013 and 2014. These violent acts included attacking and killing Hindus, looting and burning of Hindu-owned properties and businesses, abduction and rape of women, desecrating and destroying Hindu temples by the extremist Muslim mobs. There is also alleged discrimination against Hindus by the administration in the form of Vested Property Act by which over 40 per cent of Hindu-owned lands and houses have been confiscated, intimidation during elections and revoking their names from electoral rolls. Since the rising of Islamist political parties during 1990s, large number of Hindu families have migrated from Bangladesh to India due to a sense of insecurity and economic necessity. These factors combined with lower birth rates of minorities have resulted in a dwindling Hindu population in the country.

But now Bangladeshi Minorities Want Minority protection act. According to the Hindu Buddhist Christian Ekya Parishad, a religious organization in Bangladesh, the Sheikh Hasina government of Bangladesh has not taken any steps to reduce Hindu persecution. That is why the minorities of Bangladesh want protection law



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