Much Needed NGOs For The Hindu Astha

Hindus, especially in cities, keep discarded idols open in the parks below some Peepal or Neem tries, as they don’t have a fair idea what to do with the old and broken idols. This, many a time, feels bad seeing ruins and idols of our deities thrown in the open. Sometimes, these discarded pieces of idols are used by miscreants of other religions, press, and media to target Hinduism.

Are You ‘Atmanirbhar’, Hindus? Police And Government Can’t be Everywhere to Save You.

This is what the central government is indirectly suggesting. Dear Hindus, be Atmanirbhar to fight against the organized left and jihadi forces at the national and international levels. You need more Hindu businessmen to battle against the crypto Jihadists such as Tata and Amazon. We need to make organized Atmanirbhar groups in all the spheres. The village, taluka, tahsil, districts, state-, nation, and international, all levels should have an organized wing, which can react and retaliate immediately against any ChristoIslamic attack.