We were discussing the plight of Arnab Goswami for speaking up on Sadhu lynchings in Maharastra. Then we have started debating on the worst BJP chief ministers of the time. Two names came on the spot: former Maharashtra CM Devendra Fadnavis and Manohar Lal Khattar of Hariyana. We have continued our discussions on Nikita’s daylight murder in Mewat and the arrest of Arnab Goswami. We have concluded that the so-called Rajdharm and laws may bound these people in government, but as the united Hindus, what was their response to the incidents?

So many cases came in recent times in the form of a direct attack on Hindus: the Jihadi Ads from Tata Group, the Munger killings by police, Nikita’s love jihad killing, the arrest of the Arnab, and now the firecrackers ban on Diwali followed by the Chhat Puja ban in Delhi and Bengal. We have witnessed only the twitter outrages by helpless Hindus looking towards the police and governments to act on the atrocities. They haven’t taken to the streets in a thousand numbers to protest demanding justice like radical leftists. 

However, the Modi government is indirectly signaling Hindus to be Atmanirbhar. They are doing within the limits of all the laws and Rajdharma. But it is insufficient, as, in Mewat, several Jihadis are threatening Hindus to follow their dominance or face exile. This is what happened in Kashmir, Muzaffarnagar, Delhi, Bengal, and several places in the country. Instead of fighting back against the Jihadi dominance on the ground, divided helpless Hindus have simply left the Mullah majority areas. 

The question is, until what time the police and government will help Hindus? Law and government can’t be everywhere to protect you. Do Hindus have some weaponry at home or with themselves for self-defense against jihadi beheadings like situations as of Kamlesh Tiwari and Delhi riots?  What have Hindus done in the case of Nikita’s love jihad murder and Munger killings by the police? What ecosystem of business and Media groups do Hindus have when a Parsian community conglomerate Tata openly threats Hinduism by making love Jihad advertisements? Are Hindus Atmanirabhar and self-reliant? 

This is what the central government is indirectly suggesting. Dear Hindus, be Atmanirbhar to fight against the organized left and jihadi forces at the national and international levels. You need more Hindu businessmen to battle against the crypto Jihadists such as Tata and Amazon. We need to make organized Atmanirbhar groups in all the spheres. The village, taluka, tahsil, districts, state-, nation, and international, all levels should have an organized wing, which can react and retaliate immediately against any ChristoIslamic attack.

At a higher level, several right-wing forces are fighting well but at the local level, such as Mewat, Kanpur, Munger, etc. Hindus are losing the battle. Hindus, are you Atmanirbhar? The answer is a Big No. Here are the recent examples: 


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