1. The Friend Circle Trap

The friend circle of the ladies from the Hindu community has been proven a clear love jihad trap for many. This friend circle of them could be online or offline. Online friendship includes social media sites and apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp, etc. Jihadists make fake ids by the Hindu names or approach directly to the prey. Mullahs haven’t left even the matrimonial sites and duped many Hindu girls in the name of marriage. Online dating sites, bar parties, and Hindu religious gatherings such as Garba Nights, Jagratas are also their favorite spots to target the Hindu girls for love jihad. 

  1. The Brother-Sister Trap

Jihadists approach the Hindu girls first by making ephemeral family-like relations. Calling out Hindu girls as their sister is the sharpest weapon of Jihadists to belie thier true intentions.  Because brother-sister relation is unquestionable in Hinduism, other friends and parents do not bother about their daughters or Hindu girls having a Mullah friend, who calls them his sisters. However, one must be aware that in Islam, any family relation can be called for sexual intentions, whether it is brother-sister or even mother and son. Therefore, Hindus must always be on alert when seeing any friend circle having Mullahs calling out other Hindu girls as their sisters or by other family-like relations. 

  1. The Saheli Trap

If a Hindu girl or a lady have a Muslim Saheli or lady friend, she is fully vulnerable to the love jihad trap. What the Mullah Saheli of Hindu girls does; she introduces them to other Muslim boys or with her brother. She ensures that her Hindu Saheli has a cordial relationship with her brother or with her other Muslim friends. Then she slowly makes the Hindu girl start to fall in praise of those Muslim boys and thus begins the love jihad trap. The Mullah Saheli also traps Hindu girls by helping them financially and blackmailing emotionally. Therefore, it is always recommended to caution your daughters and other Hindu ladies about this when they have a Muslim Saheli.

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