Since Indian formers are known to be poor the stereotype is obvious that they can’t afford pizzas. There is certainly someone funding these protests heavily for their own means.

A massage chair costs 100K bucks. However, the so-called farmers protest getting this for every individual. Who is arranging all these chairs for the so-called farmers, god knows.

Then comes a message from London enchanting Punjab to be the Khalistan. The protests were sponsored by the Pakistanis at a time when Indian Jihadis are uniting with Pro-Khalistanies for so-called formers protests.

Yograj the father of famous Indian Cricketer Yuvraj Singh has abused Hindus in the farmers protest as if only Santa Banta comedian Sikhs are the only farmers in the country. Hindus don’t do farming as per his assumption. And, what Hindus have to do with the new farm laws?

Then they have finally shown their true intentions. They want the terrorism and riots conspiracy accused to be released in the name of the farmers’ protest. What happened to the farmers’ protest and demands for the withdrawal of the new laws, nobody knows.

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