In the photo above you can see how “public places” are being perceived as their bedroom.
This photo is from “Delhi Metro”.

Is it right to do such acts in public places and I do not understand how they dare to do this act.

Disgusting people like these people have taken the contract to destroy the country,
These people neither care about their own dignity nor do they care about the honor of our country, nor do they respect the people sitting around them.

Just like this photo which is of the “Delhi Metro” and you all will know that Delhi is the capital of our country, where a lot of people from all over the country and world come to visit, and when they come here and they sees this type of act happening in front of their eyes , then we can all guess what the perception of India will be in their mind.

And the metro where these people dare to do such acts
If the youth of our country, children, elderly, etc. are also traveling in the same metro, then what effect will it have on them.
Children and young people may also have mental stress.
And it will hurt the respect of the elders.

Therefore, all travelers should raise their voice against such acts and if someone commits such acts in front of them, they should complain to them with immediate effect instead of ignoring them, because of some maneuvers like these, the future of our country And small children and young people can and do suffer a lot of damage.

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