Words matter.  Hindus are often gullible and don’t see through the web which has been woven for various types of trappings.  
No one in the world uses “Eve Teasing” when a woman is being sexually assaulted.  Catcalls on the street, butts and other private parts being pinched, are not cute like what the term denotes.  It’s not cute to get sexually molested.  There is nothing cute about unwelcomed disgusting sexual gestures.  People need to use the correct term to describe the action.  These actions are sexual harassment or sexual assault.  Kindly retire this bakwas eve teasing from your mental dictionary.

Many gyanis like to go around saying Hinduism is a monotheistic religion.  Regardless of the variety of viewpoints on this, there is NO good reason to agree to fit Advaita philosophy and belief into the Abrahamic verbiage – monotheism.  There is no need to give into adharmic idiots and try to be liked by them by agreeing that Advaita is monotheism.  It is NOT the same concept.  Erase this misconception from your mind.  It’s often better to say quiet than to pretend the Ishwar, Olla ek hei garbage.

Hindus are hated by many.  This hatred is “missia.”  Phobias are of people being afraid of spiders, heights, small rooms, etc.  Use the correct terminology to describe what millions are suffering around the world.  Hindus are being discriminated against and violence is inflicted on various fronts.  This is not phobia, it’s much more sinister – its Hindumissia.  Use the correct terminology to describe the condition.

Mandirs are consecrated spaces and temples are generally places of worship which are not just specific to Hindus.  When referring to a Hindu mandir, use the term mandir, and not temple.  The use of the term temple disconnects it from Hindu rituals, etc., and it becomes easy to walk into the secular trap of commies and jih@ds.  Example: Sabrimala Mandir.  Mandir is not an open space where one can come and go as a tourist.  Mandirs are specific – house specific deities and are open to specific people.  Catch yourself and use your words wisely.
Sadhus are those who have given up samsaric lifestyle.  A Sadhu is interested in his/her inner journey and they are not concerned about the world.  They can be heads of mandirs or just vagrants who consider the jagat to be their home.  The word Sadhu is being misused by many within the Hindu samaj to be what it was never intended to be. 

Sadhus are not warriors; they are not responsible for educating others nor are they responsible for conversions.  They are seekers. They should not be confused with Abrahamic Priests whose job is to increase their flock via conversion.  Hindus don’t go to Mandirs for getting tips on how to vote and nor has it ever been a Sadhu’s job to tell believers which party to vote for.  In fact, it’s the rabid politicians and governments who loot the wealth of temples and render our dharmic leaders vulnerable.  Remember Palghar? A priest may be a catch-all category though for Hindus, there are important differences and thereby roles of whom we address as pujari, sadhu, guru, rishi, maharishi, yogi, maharaj, etc. Know the difference between roles of priests in monotheistic faiths vs. dharma gurus in the Hindu belief system(s).  

Pay attention to words and make sure that we are not part of the problem.  Even if we are unable to become part of any solution, the least we can do is not be part of the problem and play right into commie-jih@di English words and definitions traps.  

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