Behind Sorrowness by Dr. R.K. Panchal

Sorrow-ness is a place, about which we come to know when we are there. Many a time, whenever we got the prediction of any keen to be lost, we always try to escape those ideas of living a life after that. We know that whenever death is unexpected, the effect is stronger. But we never expect this feeling to be the one, to displace our body as well as our soul. We always think that the highest instant of sorrow is when we are at the funeral of our keen. We started thinking about how we will cross that hard times or instant by being soft and balanced. But we never understood that that instant is not the last one for sorrow, rather it is a defensive den where all relatives and friends are all around us to protect us from that ultimate sorrow.

The zero or the emptiness of real sorrow emerges after that time is over and when we have mixed the body ashes of our keen in the soil. After that, the paralyzed lonely senses start recovering slowly. Many times we try to escape from self-pity. But the mind which is full of sorrow at that time always needs self-pity in a big amount.

Every partition leaves behind many memories of a strong relationship. And in these types of partitions, the one who has gone is not but the one left behind, feel the loneliness. When life has no center, the consciousness starts returning towards the soul and self-pity itself.

Now the question arises, why should we always try to refuse it? We are not a complete one but are an assembly of many human weaknesses. Therefore, whenever we cry for the partition of ours, actually we are also making sorrow for ourselves. We always make sorrow for that situation in which, we were in the past. Time is the only great school that teaches us that rather than consciousness, unconsciousness is more important here at this instant. Everyone knows that time is a great healer. And then a time comes when the unconscious says that don’t make the dead one alive, just let him go, so that that can become a truth in everyone as well as in our memories. This is the last truth and we have to admit it anyway.

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