For those who want to know the best time for POK attempt –

China has CCP plenary in 2022 marking second term end of Jinping and is desperate to host winter Olympics in 2022.

India is hosting G20 in 2023 and will be out from UN security council in December 2022. There will be a cooling period in UNSC after that, meaning we will be back to UNSC after a gap of few years. Mid-2022 will mark the start of India’s Reliance Jio led 5G diplomacy. India will host BRICS any time this year.

The BEST window to attempt POK capture is September 2021 to September 2022.
All those doing stock markets, please note ?.

If we don’t get POK project closed in this window, it will be too late and very difficult later as Pakistan might give it away to Chinese OFFICIALLY.

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