Hindus are being attacked all over India for simply asserting their rights by jihadi Islamists, be it Rinku Sharma who was lynched recently by a mob of jihadi Muslims for collecting donations for the Ram Temple in Ayodhya, or be it Nandu in Kerala being butchered brutally for being part of a Vijay Yatra procession.

On 23.02.202, at 11 pm in the night, in Malwani area of Mumbai’s suburb Malad, a youth was attacked by a mob of 15-20 local Muslim jihadi goondas for complaining against a mosque built illegally on encroached government land. The youth also protested against the constant jibes, taunts, sexual harassment of Hindu girls in the area by the Muslim goondas of the area.

The Muslim goondas a mob of 15-20 men forcibly barged into the house of the Hindu activist youth named Ramesh living in Chedda Complex in Malwani, near the illegal Masjid against which he had complained earlier. The Muslim goondas tried to lynch the young man at his home for protesting against passing lewd comments and stalking Hindu girls in the area.

Notably, Ramesh is a local Dalit youth who had lodged a complaint to the Mumbai Mahanagar Palika for building illegal mosques on encroached government land in the area and also illegally taking over lands and homes belonging to Hindu Dalits by the local Muslim goondas. The Mahanagar Palika had also issued a notice in the matter to the said illegal mosque in 2019, but nothing has moved forward since.

Ramesh and Pravin Jain complained against the mob attack by Muslim goons on the fateful night itself in the local police station. But the police did not even bother to file a FIR, and has only registered a mere non-cognizable complaint.

Pertinently, The MahaMTB news channel had reported about the incident and also pointed out that the Cheddi Complex as well as the illegal Masjid has CCTV cameras which would have certainly captured the Muslim mobs attacking the young Hindu activist in his house which can be gathered as evidence for the case.

The said news channel also inquired from the police whether they have collected the CCTV footage from the illegal mosque and the Cheddi Complex, the police did not bother to answer the queries of the news channel.


Mumbai BJP Chief, Mangal Prabhat Lodha condemned the attack on the Hindu youth and also expressed grave concern that Hindus are in danger in Malwani and require immediate relief from the centre as the state administration and police is under the thumb of the sitting Congress MLA Aslam Shaikh, under whose protection attacks and harassment of Hindus are carried out to force them out of Malwani.


It is pertinent to note that Malwani has become another Kairana and Kashmir where due to constant intimidation, threats and harassment of Muslim goons, many Dalit Hindu families have fled from the area.

Malwani is a Muslim majority area which also housed earlier a sizeable number of Hindu Dalits. Few year back there were 100 Hindu Dalit families living in the area, now only 8-10 Hindu families are left, even they are so terrorized by the Muslim goons that they are planning to move out from the area.

Notably, the local Muslim goons have the protection of the local Congress MLA, Aslam Shaikh under whose directions they operate. Aslam Shaikh is also a cabinet Minister in the Maha Vikas Aghadi Government.

Malwani was in news earlier in January 2021, when Dalit Positive Movement, a NGO which champions the cause for Dalit & OBC Rights had written a complaint letter to National Commission for Protection Of Children Rights (NCPCR) seeking intervention in the forced drug and porn addiction of Dalit children by Muslim goons in Malwani.

The Muslim goondas under the aegis of Congress MLA Aslam Shaikh, with impunity peddle drugs and force Dalit children to become drug and porn addicts, if any Dalit youth or family protests against these serious criminal harassment by the goons or even try to resist being addicted to these deadly vices they threaten to kill them and their family.

The police in Malwani is so much under the influence of the local jihadi Congress MLA Aslam Shaikh, that a few months back they were seen tearing the posters of Ram Mandir Nidhi Sankalan Abhiyan in Malwani, when three VHP activists filmed the act the police beat them up badly and arrested them.

The BJP and many other Dalit organisations have raised concerns about how Malwani has become unsafe area for Hindu Dalits due to constant harassment and usurpation of their lands by Muslim goondas and now even attempts to lynch them alive for daring to complain against these jihadi goondas.

The central government needs to take immediate cognisance about the matter and give protect the harassed and terrorized Hindus of Malwani as if it is ignored, it will for all purposes be another mini Kashmir within Mumbai. The more the authorities let this happen and continue, the jihadis get emboldened to create several such Islamic pockets within India and in a matter of time the situation would become so bad that Hindus would become a minority in India and forced to flee this last bastion and origin of Sanatan Dharma.





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