A 17 year old Hindu Dalit boy named Gopal has been brutally beaten to death in full public view by a Muslim mob in Kalyanpuri, Delhi. The accused murderers were known to Gopal, they had some grudges against him and used to pick up fights with him regularly.

The murderers of Gopal have been identified as Mohammad Alim, Feroz Khan, Yusuf Khan. As per reports, Gopal’s grandmother, Kamalawati the Muslim mob called her grandson on May 4th, 2021 around 3.30 pm, he went along with them and never returned. When he did not turn up till night, his family started started searching for him frantically.

The Dalit family approached the police station and complained about missing Gopal with their suspicions against the Muslim men. But the Police paid no heed and did not file a FIR citing excuses related to Covid.

Gopal’s grandmother stated that the family found after a lot of search his clothes and slippers near a local water canal. She said that someone came from nowhere and told them about a boy who drowned in a canal and ran away without giving any details.

The grandmother inconsolably said that Gopal was a very mild natured person and never fought with anyone; she is unable to figure out why did the Muslim mob kill him.

While Gopal’s brother reportedly stated that the main culprit was Mohammad Alim and he and his brothers are constantly giving the family death threats for pursuing Gopal’s case.

Gopal’s dead body has not yet been recovered and the police is still treating it as a missing case rather than a murder case and no arrests have been made so far. According to Sudarshan News report, local families and women supporting Gopal’s family to seek justice are being threatened by Muslim men of that area that their sons too would be killed if they do not desist from supporting Gopal’s family.

Gopal’s family has been staging protests in front of the local Masjid in Kalyanpuri. The family want the culprit Muslim mob to be arrested and awarded death penalty by the courts.

Notably, the Masjid where the Dalit family staged their protest against the murder of Gopal, is very near Dalit activist and leader, Udit Raj who seems to not care about getting justice for Gopal.

Dalit Hindu boy Gopal’s murder by a bunch of Muslims takes place right on the heels of a Muslim mob attacking a Dalit Hindu basti at Sarai Kale Khan when a Muslim girl married a local Dalit Hindu youth against the wishes of her parents and local Muslim goondas. Udit Raj and other Dalit activists and so-called Dalit rights supporters who are otherwise very voluble were conspicuously absent and silent in both Gopal’s murder case and the Sarai Kale Khan case. There is a conspiracy of secular silence among Activists, media and so-called political parties whenever Muslims attack Dalit Hindus to sweep the matter under the carpet. An Islamist jihadi attack of 300 Muslim mob attack on a Hindu MahaDalit toli in Purnea is another case in point.

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