One has to understand that the making of Pakistan was on the basis of 2 broad things, sentiment against Hindu and to make a separate Islamic country. There are only 2 countries that were made on the basis of religion namely Pakistan and Israel.

While Pakistan was doomed to hell because it could not follow the path of development and failed to separate religion from Government. On the contrary, Israel has developed exponentially over the years even though Israel had to face several wars initiated by Arab countries for their hate for Jews.

It is evident from the History that Religion alone can never be a binding force for a country otherwise there would not have been more than 100 Christian countries or more than 50 Islamic countries.

But in India, a phrase “unity in diversity” is popular which literally means we have so much diversity in India with 22 official language and 4 race and numerous dialects of languages and so on, yet we are a vibrant and thriving country for thousands of years and India is one of the oldest countries in the world if not the oldest.

Now coming to Pakistan again, it tried to impose one language (urdu) in both western Pakistan and Eastern Pakistan( now Bangladesh). while Western Pakistan had its own languages namely Pastho( spoken in Afghan and KPK province of Pakistan), Punjabi, Hindko, Balochi and Bengali in Eastern Pakistan.

Subsequently Eastern Pakistan resisted the imposition of Urdu and became independent in 1971.Pakistan continued its arrogance and tried to impose its school of Islam on other provinces like in Baluchistan and KPK(Khyber Pakhtunkhwa) province.

Notably, KPK region and its Pashtun has their own thousands of years old tradition called Pasthunwali which predates Islam. One more problem in the trouble region of KPK is that it shares border with Afghanistan and the border was demarcated by British in 1893. It’s called The Durand Line and currently, Afghanistan doesn’t recognize the Durand Line and believes KPK is a part of Afghanistan and the border is porous itself making is possible for Pashtuns to cross the boundary.

Pakistan since its creation in 1947 has used Pashtun on several occasions and later killed Pashtuns terming them as terrorists. The first instance was in 1947 when Pakistan sent tribal Pashtuns to attack Jammu Kashmir of India. 2nd example is in 1980s when Pakistan with the help of USA Dollar started radicalizing Pashtuns in name of Jihad(holy war) against USSR which invaded Afghanistan in 1979.

It’s world known fact Taliban is a creation of Pakistan and USA. Pakistan ISI was giving training to Pashtuns and supplying arms and ammunition to them and used to send them to Afghanistan to fight against USSR.

Eventually, it was cold war time between USA and USSR and Pakistan was a puppet in the hands of USA for money and used Pashtuns to fight against USSR. USSR left Afghanistan in 1989 and the cold war too came to an end in 1991 when USSR disintegrated. Since USA achieved what it wanted, USA didn’t pay heed to Pakistan. Taliban got a brief success in Afghanistan when it succeeded in making its Taliban Govt. from 1996 to 2001.

But the 9/11 attack on WTO in 2001 of USA changed everything. Until 2001 USA did not realize terrorism can bite its master too. USA started “War On Terrorism” in 2001 by toppling Afghan Govt. and instructed Pakistan to act against the Taliban. Following that Pakistan started killing Pashtuns in KPK indiscriminately which it created in 1980s. Pakistan launched several Army operations namely Khyber 1,2,3,4 started killing and persecuting Pashtuns. Pakistan conducted Zarb-e-Azb and Radd-ul-Fasaad which further deteriorated the situation of Pashtuns.

Finally, Pashtuns understood that they were used by Pakistan and then labeled as a terrorist. ManZoor Pashteen emerged as the Messiah of Pashtuns people and his party PTM(Pashtun Tahafuz Movement) started raising its voice against Pakistan and Pakistan army by chanting the slogan “YE JO DHEHSADGARDI HE ISKE PEECHE WARDI HE” indicating to Pakistan army. But Pakistan army started killing PTM leaders one by one and its still continuing. media is not allowed so we hardly get any news from KPK. PTM enjoys the mass support of Pashtuns and continuing to grow its resistance against Pakistan army. If Pakistan continues this arm twisting approach for Pashtuns then it may soon lose another province KPK after it lost Bangladesh in 1971.

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