The Sharia ‘court’ of Bhikari Pakistan released a known terrorist – Omar Sheikh yesterday.

The Islamic Republican of Pakistan is in such severe debt that they are forced to loan out land, parks, shoes and what not to others in order to make ends meet. The only pathetic party interested in helping South Asia’s beggar is the world’s Virus.

Omar Sheikh is one of the three terrorists which India unfortunately freed in 1999 in exchange for hostages of a hijacked plane. Omar is known around the world for being associated with kidnapping an American journalist – Daniel Pearl who worked in the Wall Street Journal office, South Asia desk. Omar was seen in a brutal, graphic video which showed Daniel Pearl being decapitated.

Terrorism is not a big deal in the land of beggars. It is as normal as daily activities such as brushing teeth and finding a goat for romance. Pakistan’s economy is in the sewage and China is it’s gutter rat friend.

Pakistan can barely provide basic necessities for its population. It surely does not have extra funds to feed thugs, thieves and terrorists rotting in jail. Therefore, Pakistan might allegedly be considering loaning their jails and prison infrastructure to their new Chinese masters so that persecution of Muslims can continue. This way, the government can continue to get external funds and at the same time they can drastically reduce mouths to feed.

Well played, indeed.

Image: DNA India

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