Scenes happen in a Bhagwad Gita Class where students are taught the Bhagwad Gita, the Divine Song, a discourse between Sri Krishna and Arjuna.

1st day

Teacher: Welcome class … oh I see that we have a new student today. What is your name dear?

Student: Zainab Sikandar

T : Wonderful. See class? the greatness of the Gita … even Muslims want to learn it.

Class : Wow … Ganga-Jamuni Tehzeeb

Zainab : Thanks … group hug?

Class & Teacher : Awww…

2nd day

T : So today we shall talk about why the Kurukshetra war took place, what is Dharma and why Arjun refused to fight.

C : Sure Miss.

Z : Ma’am I have a fever. Please may I be excused?

T : oh you poor dear. Ok, go home.

3rd day

(Zainab starts maintaining a diary where she writes whatever she understood in class)

T: So today I shall teach about Sankhya Yoga

Z in her diary : This is about deliberating and accepting that God exists. Exactly like what is written in the Koran.

Next day

T : Today I shall teach about Karma Yoga

Z in her diary : This is about cause and effect and how you should do your work without thinking about the rewards. Exactly like the Koran – do your Jihad and you will get your 72 virgins, be a good Muslim and you will go Jannat, else you will go to Jahannum. No need to worry about the rewards about your Karma.

Next day

T : Today I shall teach about Gyaan Yoga

Z in her diary : My goodness, this is just like the Koran. All knowledge exists with God, read the Koran and know about it.

Next day

T : Let us learn about Raj Yoga

Z in her diary : Yesterday I was on whatsapp for so long that I hardly got any sleep. So couldn’t concentrate on what was taught. I think Ma’am was talking about how to be a Raja. In the Koran it is clearly given how Kafirs should be fought against and killed and how the defeated should be converted and women made into sex-slaves. Same thing must be there in the Gita too. After all, it is all about War.

Unfortunately Z got fever and was absent for a few days.

Next class after a few days…

T : Today I shall teach about Vishwaroopa (Cosmic form)

Z in her diary : Baap re. The Gita is exactly like the Koran. Krishna split Himself up and showed His form. Allah split the moon into 2 and showed His form.

Next class

T : Today we shall learn about Bhakti Yoga

Z in her diary : Wow I loved this class. How smart of Krishna to say that Bhakti is most important. The Koran also says that. That is why we call loudly for Azaan 5 times a day and remind people about Bhakti.

Next class

T : Let us learn about the Self today

Z in her diary : Man, this class was so silly. How can all of us be the same? The Koran clearly states how non-Muslims are Jaahil and ignorant of Allah’s glory. This part is definitely not the same.

Z decides that she’s upset with the teaching of the Self in the Gita and misses a few classes.

Last class

Teacher : So class finally Sri Krishna gives the clarion call for Fighting. He tells Arjuna, “Get up and fight to protect Dharma.” He also tells Arjuna, “This is what I have told you, now you take your own decision.”

Zainab Sikandar in her diary : Right, this is the most interesting part of the Gita. Exactly the same as the Koran, word to word. Krishna tells Arjuna to fight to protect his Religion. Allah also told us the same. Wow. This is how the Ganga-Jamuni Tehzeeb came into existence. I must tell this to the world.

Unfortunately, the next day, the PM of France broke her heart by saying that he does not accept Islamic Terrorism. Zainab Sikandar decided that the world must know that it is not just in Islam that terrorism exists. The Torah, the Bible and most importantly, the Gita also teach the same thing. She writes an award-winning article in “The Print”… In her own words (as per her tweet) – “My column this week in which I’ve culled out verses on wars & killings from most holy books.”

I checked out the meaning of the word “Cull” … it means,



past tense: culled; past participle: culled

“to kill a number of animals in a group to prevent the group from becoming too large”

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