In the early 60s, Intelligence agencies & the Calcutta Police arrested a spy of Pakistan. A diary was recovered from that spy and the name registered in the diary was of a film star. The Calcutta Police went to his home in Bombay but due to the intervention of some people nothing was reported and the conclusion drawn was that the spy was just a fan of that film star. The surprising fact is that the Calcutta Police did not receive this divine knowledge during the inquiry.

But the talk does not end here. Intelligence agencies in Bombay had intercepted some signals of a radio transmitter in Bombay with a contact with Pakistan. The transmitter was active in Bombay only. The house where the device was recovered from belonged to the same film star. Delhi was kind to him.

About the transmitter, the film star gave a very innocent clarification that he is fond of Pakistani music & as the Pakistani radio is banned in India so he kept this transmitter in his house.

An investigation committee was formed & they declared that the statement of the film star was true. This question was never been asked that from where did he get the radio transmitter?

The name of the famous film-star is Dilip Kumar (Yusuf Khan). The same Dilip Kumar who received the highest Pakistani award. During the Kargil interlude, the people demanded returning of the award but the actor gave deaf ears to those public sentiments.

But have you heard any discussions related to this somewhere in the media?? No, because the prestitutes is not a new phenomenon. It’s there since a very long time.

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