The history of our nation is full of heroes - false and real. Their stories need to be revisited and it has to be re-evaluated whether they were heroes or religious bigots.

PARTITION OF HINDUSTAN – 3 : Tears of Noakhali

Time makes us forget - forget our history, our heroes, our triumphs and our biggest tragedies. In this 75th year of the great cleansing in Noakhali - we must remember all those we lost and why we lost. Read on to pay homage to those who are gone, so they are remembered once again

PARTITION OF HINDUSTAN – 2 : Dance of death in Calcutta

It happened a long time ago but the wounds inflicted on the Hindu psyche are too deep to be forgotten. The great massacre of Calcutta in 1946 is a story of collusion between the mullah, neta, government & british. Everyone was guilty of the murder of Hindus - whose only fault was that they belonged to the Sanatan Dharma.