There is a lot of speculation around the killings of terrorists and criminals, all of who happen to have worked actively against India, on foreign lands.  After the murder of Hardeep Nijjar in September 2023, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau accused India of carrying out his killing, and whatever followed next is known to everyone.  The diplomatic ties between the two countries are still reeling from the impact of the outrageous claims made by Trudeau, who faced extensive criticism from many quarters including senior leaders in his own country.  More than 2 months have passed and Trudeau has been unable to provide any substance or proof behind this farcical claim. at rge same times, news and videos keep emerging of hardened gang fights on the streets of Brampton and other parts of Canada between groups of Khalistan supporters.  These feuds are mainly to do with land allotted for Gurdwara, control of Gurdwara, drug territories and other such issues. The local police appears to be in clueless and useless in diffusing these issues. In many areas, Khalistan supporters have penetrated the police department, band are at times accused of favoring the gang which has their relatives or kinsman in it.  In all likelihood, Nijjar was also killed over control of the Gurdwara in Surrey.

At the same time, several terrorists involved in militancy against India are being murdered in Pakistan over the last few months.  To give an idea, a total of 14 terrorists are murdered by unknown people in Pakistan over the last few months, and these include members of LeT as well as pro Khalistan terrorists who were given safe haven by Pakistan.  These were all criminals who had rivalries both within and outside their own organisations.  These include not just hierarchical issues but those of sexual nature too.  As we all are aware, Pakistan is a very sportive country as far as exploring sexual limitations go, specially if you have some power.  Madarsa and its position as the corner stone of MSM (men having sex with men) is no longer a hidden secret.  There have been incidents where renowned religious / militant personalities have been found involved in having numerous sexual partners, while the carry an outwardly pious and religious persona.  In 2018, renowned religious leader Molana Sami ul Haq was found murdered in his bed under questionable circumstances.  According to video evidence available, he was found naked in his house in Rawalpindi, and anonymous police sources had reported that it looked like a crime of passion.  Maulana Haq was exposed by his close circles to be an avid MSM player, and it was said that one of his lovers had killed him. His murder remains unsolved until today.  His son Maulana Hamid ul Haq had put the blame of his killing on he Afghan Intelligence body. Maulana Sami was known as ‘Father of Taliban’ for the role his seminary Darul Uloom Haqqania played in the graduation of most Taliban leaders and commanders, having close ties to Taliban leader Mullah Mohammed Omar.

Another terrorist killed in recent times is Maulana Rahimullah Tariq who was gunned down in Orangi Town, Karachi this month.  Maulana Tariq was a member of Jaish e Muhammad and was a close aide of Masood Azhar.  Sources reported that this was the work of local terrorists and purely looked like result of turf war.  One has to know that Orangi is world’s largest slum, where different Pashtun, Sheedi Baloch and local Muhajir groups have always been involved in turf wars.  Government sponsored foreign social media influencers have run vlogs and made lot of money trying to propagate the change of fortunes of Orangi town over last couple of years but its no more than below average propaganda.  Some of these vlogs mention Orangi as one of the world’s most dangerous places, a hot bed for all kinds of criminal activities.  In all likelihood, Rahimullah Tariq was killed because somebody didn’t like his popularity among one of the local criminal groups.r

Pior to this, one of LeT’s top commanders Riyaz Ahmed was killed in Rawalkot, PoK in front of his parents. Riyaz’s forte other than being a ruthless terrorist was his expertise in banking and accounting.  According to sources, Riyaz was the person who played banker to the terrorists, and was involved in handling cash and money laundering for the various sub outfits in Rawalkot and Punjab area.  He was trusted by the top leadership of LeT to receive, store and invest the moneys raised for terror activities.  It is alleged that Riyaz was found using a lot of this money for his own personal use and also for the treatment of his ailing parents.  He was allegedly confronted on this by some members of his terrorist outfit and there was some altercations between them. Later, Riyaz was shot dead with several bullets pumped into his body in front of his parents.

Earlier in November, LeT recruiter Akram Ghazi was gunned down in Bajaur, KPK.  Ghazi was the head of LeT recruitment in India during 2018-2020.  It is alleged that during these recruitments, Ghazi was known to take bribes for keeping the boys ‘safe’ from the hands of some notorious LeT sexual predators.  It is entirely possible that these bribes he took included certain favours for himself.  The recruitment process also included training on how to become suicide bombers.  Various sources as well as many books and articles written on the subject of training of suicide bombers have stated that some of these recruits are trained to put explosive devices in their anal cavity, which has to be widened in order to store the required material. These bombs are known as Body Cavity Bomb (BCB). As reported int he Australian press, in 2009, a Saudi bomber blew himself up using a BCB. The terrorist, a wanted militant from al-Qaeda on the Arabian Peninsular (AQAP), pretended to renounce terrorism and repent in order to get close to Prince Mohammed bin Nayef, Saudi Arabia’s deputy interior minister who leads the kingdom’s counter-terrorism campaign.  Similar attacks have also been carried against the Israel forces by Palestinian fidayeen in 2011.  It is mentioned in the findings about training of Al Qaeda and Taliban terrorists that the anal cavities of these would-be suicide bombers are sometimes widened by other senior members who engage in sexual penetration with them.  The narrative built to justify these acts is that since this is done for a pious cause, therefore it is perfectly within the realms of religious teachings.  It is said that these practices remain a constant in all militant and terrorist Jihadi organisations.  Being the person who headed recruitment for LeT, Akram Ghazi could also have been part of this activity, and it is entirely possible that he was murdered because of this.

The most recent conspiracy theory which has raised its head is the alleged plan of an attack on US based Khalistani hate monger Gurpatwant Singh Pannun.  Yesterday, US National Security and Indo-Pacific analyser Derek Grossman tweeted an article written by Demetri Sevastopulo in Financial Times, which alleged that the US has also been concerned about Indian agents trying to kill Sikh separatists/terrorists on US soil. He went on to say that the US thwarted the plot and prosecutors have since filed an indictment in a New York court.  This news was further speculated upon by all the usual suspects including The Wire, Suhasini Hyder and some known pro Khalistan handles on X.  There is a high probability that this could be the laying down of grounds by the CIA for when they decide to eliminate one of their own former assets and put the blame on India.  In his article, the writer tries his best to cement the claim that India was involved in the killing of Nijjar in Canada, an allegation which has not been proved by the Canadian government or any other quarter.  The article becomes even more farcical when it goes on to cite Pakistani intelligence sources who are claiming that India has been eliminating terrorists in Pakistan regularly.  No worthy Defense Analyst would cite Pakistan as an intel source because of the laughable web of lies, deceit and conspiracy theories which are spun by the country.  In fact, the commonality between CIA sources and Pakistan on this matter are that both of them seem to be sheltering terrorists and try to use them to their own benefit.

Nevertheless, for the purpose of due diligence, sources within the MEA were approached for comment on this latest development, and they vehemently denied any such action, and maintain that India has never acted in this manner on foreign soil, nor does it have plan to do so in the future.  India strictly follows the international laws on these matters and would only approach the relevant governments who are sheltering terrorists involved in nefarious activities on Indian soil, keeping all of its activities above board.

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