When you are born do you inherit your genes from your father and mother? Do you inherit your family based on whom you are born to? Do you follow a religion/Panth/Dharma based on which family you are born into? More importantly, do you inherit your wealth based on which family you are born into – money, house, cars, business, etc.? Do you use your surname based on your parent’s surname? For the current set of politicians and actors – do you inherit your nose, hair, smile, MP/MLA seat / debut film, etc. based on who is your Daddy or Mommy?

If you have answered “YES” to any of the above, then why do you deprive only Brahmins of their claim on being a Brahmin based on his/her being born into a Brahmin family? Announce you are a Brahmin and suddenly everyone quotes the Bhagwad-Gita and Sri Krishna on His statement that everyone is a Shudra by birth and one becomes a Brahmin only by becoming knowledgeable in the Shrutis and Smritis and by following the path of reaching Brahmn. They conveniently forget that the same Bhagwad-Gita quotes the same Sri Krishna as the Creator of the Chaturvarnas. And it also mentions that a soul chooses which house to be born to, based on its past Karmas.

If we trust Sri Krishna’s words, we have to believe that our birth is based on our past karmas and that is why we are born into a rich or a poor family, or in a jail or a palace, or to a Brahmin Jaati or a Shudra Jaati family. Now what has to be noted is that nowhere does He mention that based on one’s Jaati / Varna, one has to be insulted or treated badly. In fact it is in the Mahabharata that one finds instances like Royal Princes (the Pandavas) living in the house of a potter during their first ‘Agyaatvaas’ (after the Varnavat incident). We also find them working as a cook (Bhima), helpers in cowshed and horse stables (Nakul and Sahadev) and as a hairdresser (Draupadi). If work were to define Varna, the ‘caste’/Varna of these people should have changed that year. But it didn’t! They remained as Kshatriyas. Another instance in our scriptures of Varna not being dependent on the work done is the instance of Raja Harishchandra working in the Cremation grounds with a Chandala as his boss. Rani Taramati, the wife of Harishchandra worked as a maid. Neither of them lost the Varna they were born into because of their jobs and neither of them changed their Varna because of their jobs. Even if one were to argue that in the case of the Pandavas, they knew it was only for a temporary period, in the case of Raja Harishchandra and Rani Taramati, they did not know about their future. Another oft-given example is of Vishwamitra or Valmiki changing their Varnas because of their Tapasya. Please note that they did not change their Varna, they became Rishis. Rishis and Sanyasis are definitely above Varnas and Castes.

While the Muslim invaders of our country killed the People who did not convert, the Christian invaders killed our Pride. They realized that the roots of our Sanatan Dharma were so deep that Hinduism could not be felled in one stroke. They poisoned our roots by making us feel that every pillar of our Dharma was rotten to the core. Which were these pillars? Sanskrit, our Scriptures which they called Mythology, our Varna system, our Education system (Gurukuls), our Temples, our Family structure and our Bovine wealth. Sanskrit became Devabhasha which was taught only to Brahmins they said. Our scriptures were feeding superstition and practices which were harmful to women (Sati and Devadasi pratha, etc.). Our Varnas differentiated between ‘higher’ and ‘lower castes’ (untouchability) they said. Our Education system did not allow Avaranas and women to study they said. Our Temples were Pagan and practiced Idolatry they said. Our family structures were Patriarchal and trampled freedom of family members they said. Our cows and bulls were animals fit for slaughter, not worship they said. And we believed all these despite the fact that for thousands of years, we knew the opposite to be the truth. Our society which was rich when the above pillars were strong, started crumbling when we started believing the lies of the Invaders and started hating ourselves, our cultures, rituals and traditions.

So why are Brahmins targeted?  Why is it that everyone wants a Brahmin boy or girl to marry a Dalit and no one has the same condition put forth for a Vaishya or a Shudra? Dalits are not willing to marry people from other castes or Mahadalits? Why does everyone target only the jobs of the Temple Priests, knowing fully well that Temple Priests do not earn much or that more than 70% of the Temples have non-Brahmins as Priests?

Simple. If the Brahmin is made to feel ashamed the most, if he receives the least benefits, he will make sure that his future generations do not follow in his footsteps of leading a Brahmin’s life. As it is we are seeing in South India that most priests are educating their children in Software Engineering, so that they can either get jobs with fancy salaries or can go abroad and make a life there. Can you imagine what will happen after two generations of this? There will be a tremendous shortage of priests for doing any rituals at home or in Temples. WHAT IS A RELIGION WITHOUT ITS RITUALS? Yes, one may argue that non-Brahmins will fill in the vacuum. But this is not so easy as it seems. To do Yagyas, one has to follow many rules (Niyam) very strictly. Can one be sure that the officiating priest will do the required Mantra Japas before and after the Yagya? Can one be sure that the officiating priest will refrain from eating meat or drinking alcohol? Will they do Trikaalasandhya every single day when no one is watching? Brahmins who are priests do follow regulations which others can only shame but not follow. Do remember that after all this, Brahmin Priests only depend on Daan and Dakshina, after receiving which they have to do ‘Prayaschit Jaap’ as well.

The entire cabal which wants to shame the Brahmins are doing this to destroy the pillar of Rituals which have been continuing from generation to generation, and which are a connect to our Divine Bhagawans. By destroying this pillar, they know they can weaken the practice of Hinduism. Don’t fall for their fake tales. Let Brahmins live their live with as much respect and pride as every other citizen of Bharat.

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