The draconian provisions of the SC/ST Act has been proved to be a potent handle of harassment in the hands of unscrupulous elements in society grossly misusing the very purpose of enactment of the law.

A shocking case of continued extortion and harassment of Brahmins and other non-Dalits in Pooja Bihar colony in Gwalior has come to light as per media reports. Over 25 members of the Brahmin community in the said colony have reportedly sought permission from authorities to convert to Islam citing relentless terrorism of Dalits in their area.

The Brahmin community have been complaining against the dominant Dalit supremacists of their area spewing venom against Brahmins and humiliating them. They are also reportedly brazenly looting, hounding them out of their homes and threatening them with lodging false cases under the draconian Prevention of Atrocities Against SC/ST Act.

They Brahmin community has sought a written permission from the District Magistrate of Gwalior to embrace Islam citing the acute harassment faced by them at the hands of dominant Dalits in their colony despite lodging several complaints to the authorities.

Copy of the letter to the DM seeking permission to convert to Islam (Source: NeoPolitico)

Ajay Sharma, a resident and one of the complainants, reportedly told that the local Dalit community exercise illegal pressure on them to extort ‘haftas’ for running shops in the area. He also said that no Hindu organisation has come forward to help them. Ajay Sharma said, “We are terrorized day and night by the people of Dalit society. The domineering people of Dalit society often extort money from Brahmins. No Hindu organization is coming forward to help us.”

Ajay Sharma had also lodged a FIR against the Umariya Family of the Kori community who are harassing the Brahmin community a year back on 18.06.2020 at Madhoganj Police station. But no action was taken against them.

Ajay Sharma further stated when they try to complain or resist the harassment, they are threatened with being foisted with false cases under the SC/ST Act. This has made them completely helpless. He added, “They are also threatening us to book under the false case of the SC-ST Act. We are now helpless. We will accept Islam if the justice denied”.

As per media reports, recently a young student from the Brahman community was looted at gunpoint and . In a recent incident, a young student from the Brahmin community was looted at gunpoint and terrorized the youth. The Brahman community and other non-Dalit Varnas in the colony are subjected to Dalit supremacy and harassment.

The Brahmin community members also reportedly said that they had made several representations to the Chief Minister and the Prime Minister but their harassment continued. So now feeling hopeless about getting justice, they are contemplating conversion to Islam as the authorities are always very sensitive to complaints filed by Muslims and ensure their safety.

This case in Gwalior should open the eyes of the authorities to the gross misuse of the benevolent SC/ST Act which is now used by unscrupulous people to target innocent Brahmins and non-Dalits to either settle personal scores or to extort money and harass them with casteist slurs. The Brahmins have become the most targeted soft punching bags of the anti-Hindu lobby which wants to decimate Hinduism. Unfortunately many well meaning Hindus buy the propaganda against Brahmins and add to the harassment of the hapless community whose only crime is not giving up upholding the spiritual knowledge, values and traditions of Sanatan Dharma.

It is hoped that the Honorable Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh or the Honorable Prime Minister kindly takes notice of this reported complaint and ensures that justice prevails so that the Brahmins of Pooja Bihar Colony in Gwalior are not harassed by casteist humiliations and extortions by anti-social elements.


Representative Image of Brahmins sourced from internet.

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