Sanatani Hindu is a way of Life. It is a composite culture, a civilization and Perpetual (Sanatan) stream of truth.  It is a belief originated and evolved into stream of Knowledge.

“Personification of God” is one concept that only rests with Sanatan.  No belief system had ever claimed this. They all claim themselves to have messengers of God.  But for Hindu Sanatan- Gold is omnipresent in form (Saakar) and without Form (Nirakkar). 

Open to change and ready to be examined is not a Blasphemous here. No belief system in the world can claim to be open to intellectual scrutiny. But Sanatan, Yes it is called here as “Shastrtha”. Sanatan promotes discussion, discourse, scrutiny and introspection.

It is a Library. Ved means Knowledge. 4 Ved, 5 Up-Ved-Vedant, 18 Puran, 108 Upanishad, Brahman, Mimansa, Epic (Ramayan & Mahabharat) are intellectual repositories of its Great Philosophy. So God is said to be Omniscient here.

If you are a believer (Theist), you are a Sanatani. And if you are a non-believer (atheist) still you are a Sanatani Hindu. No bias on belief or gender. God and Goddess occupy similar pedestals and lead life like a personified family. This is the beauty to behold, learn and admire.

When so exhaustive and illustrative is the scope, what minimum should have been an indicative routine for me to call a practicing Sanatani Hindu believer. Industrial world and paucity of time has brought new life and a new approach to the practicing belief. What Minimum Should I do???

1Go to temple. Spend some time in Temple.
2Respect and Uphold Guru Shishya Tradition
3Learn and Practice Yoga/ Pranayama/Meditation.
4Learn and Recite at least 10 Sanskrit Shloks or Mantras.
5Learn about Glorious Vedic and Ancient Sanatan achievement
6Celebrate Hindu festival all-round the year.
7Donate percentage of Income to Hindu Cause or Join the Cause.
8Learn and benefit from Ayurveda.
9Read and Understand Bhagavad Gita.
10Value Sanatan family system, Ashram System and Stay united.

Meditation, Mantra, Tantra and Ritual are different methods to connect to God. You are free to choose. Worshipping Almighty should be for fulfillment of pleasure.

Worshipping nature was the earliest form of offering. Gods like Agni, Varun, Indra, Prithvi (Earth) were earliest of Vedic narrative.  As the humane need grew, acceptance of Monotheism and Polytheism both found acceptance. Symbolic and Non symbolic visualization also coexisted. Belief and Philosophy of Life both coexisted. You have freedom to live and let live. Such an adorable expression and pleasure awaits you for you to engulf yourself.

Mind has unlimited potential. Cultivate it. Look forward to higher intellectual objectives, lofty realization in life. Meditate to control and expand your Mind. Meditation is the best learning method. It is a higher end art of concentration. Read Ved.

Ayurved (Science related to Life and Medicine), Dhanurved (Science dealing with Civil and Military life), Gandharva Ved (Science dealing with Music and devotion), Shilp Ved (Science dealing with Engineering and Architecture), Artha Ved (Science dealing with Economics and Political System) are they five Up-Ved of Ved. This is the richest repository of humane intellect. Unlimited and unparalleled. Just visualize them.

Yog is the oldest documented method of relaxing, strengthening and concentrating. It is the most scientific engagement with Physical, mental and Spiritual life with Superior God.  Lord Shiva is the Personified Yogi. Documentation as old as Yog Sutra by Patanjali in 4th Century BC, Katha Upanishad in 5th BC Century and Bhagwat Gita in 2nd Century BC are improbable events from today’s standard of humane intellect. Behold your Sanatan Patron and adore them.

Makkhali Gosala 5th century BC for Ajivika Philosophy (Nāstika or “heterodox”), Adi Shankaracharya 8th Century for Advaita Philosophy, Ramanujacharya 11th Century for Visishtadvaita, Madhvacharya 13th Century for Dvaita Philosophy have enriched us with Philosophy of Life. No University or education system in the World has come close to deciphering the way the Sanatan Scholar has philosophized and elaborated the mystery of life. If one has intellect, Just study.

Among the oldest belief systems, many schools, many philosophies and many sub-sects should not be a liability but an asset. Everything is mutable, what your conscious mind says. Trust your Jeevatma. Lord Krishna in Bhagwat Puran echoed a similar concept when asked about Varna System. No Caste system ever existed or should exit based on birth. He developed Varna and that is mutable by Karm not by Birth.

Every Sanatani owes a gratitude towards those who do not believe in Sanatan Hindu philosophy. Sathpath Puran among the earliest narrates about the uncivilized and lower civilized individuals as Asur, Danav, Dasyu and Melechha. And it is incumbent upon every Sanatani to convert and reconvert them into Sanatani fold. It is their Dharma. Conversion from Lower Civilization to Higher Civilization is what an enlightened Brahman (Mind) should pursue. 

Exploring the truth and life of Sanatan is an endless Journey. Begin with simple small steps to make a blissful life ahead.

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