Farooq Abdullah recently made a statement in an interview to an equally deeply conceited and anti-Hindu senior television commentator, Karan Thapar that “Today, Kashmiris do not feel (like an) Indian and do not want to be Indian. They are slaves. They would rather have the Chinese rule them.” Since, the Abdullahs and the Muftis nurse deep affection for the Chinese and are wishing for a Chinese rule in Kashmir, in this article we shall see how Chinese treat its own ethnic Uighur Muslim citizens who nurse a desire to savour their Islamic identity over their national identity.

The Hindu newspaper, which is well-known for its pro-China and anti-Hindu stands published  on 16.12.2020 a report, for a change on a study by a Washington based think tank the Centre for Global Policy which statesthat Xinjiang province of China houses a vast network of extrajudicial internment camps that have imprisoned at least one million ethnic Uighur Muslims. China has countered this by saying that these are ‘vocational training centres’ (re-education camps) to counter extremism.

The report further says that more than 5 lakh Uighur Muslims are involved in forced labour for cotton-picking. Notably, Xinjiang produces 20% of the world’s cotton and around a fifth of the yarn used in United States comes from this region.

While China claims that all detainees have ‘graduated’ from these centres (internment camps) but in reality many of the inmates have been transferred to low-skilled manufacturing factory jobs linked to these camps. The transfer of Uighur Muslim for forced cotton-picking labour is done under heavy surveillance by the police, with point-to-point transfers, military style management and ideological training.

Thus, one can conclude that a total of one million Uighur Muslim citizens of China are put into internment camps of which more five lakhs are forced into hard labour for its cotton production and also ideologically schooled to give up their Islamic identity. China has also reportedly closed all mosques in the Xinjiang area, forced all Muslims with Islamic names like Muhammad to change it to more secular Chinese names. Additionally, China has also cracked the whip to ban all fasting during Ramzan and has reportedly asked some of its officials to vet the Quran to suit communist China’s sensibilities. China has  started to systematically settle many Han Chinese in the Xinjiang area by giving them incentives like free housing and good jobs so that it can alter the demography of Xinjiang.

India in contrast has always pampered the bigoted Kashmiri Muslims to pursue their jihadi agenda of converting the whole of Kashmir, Jammu and Ladakh into an exclusive Muslim territory which would aid secession from India. The Abdullahs starting from Sheikh Abdullah have always cherished the idea of an Islamic republic of Jammu and Kashmir. Sheikh Abdullah arm twisted the Indian leadership through his willing Kashmiri friend Jawaharlal Nehru, to see to it that Jammu and Kashmir had provision for a separate Constitution and separate laws under Art.370 of the Constitution of India. Additionally, under Art 35-A a highly discriminatory provision was made wherein the state subjects of Kashmir could settle and buy property in whichever part of India they chose but the rest of the Indians were not allowed to buy property or settle in Kashmir.

Sheikh Abdullah further made state laws to allow Muslims from Pakistan occupied J&K to become state subjects of J&K, while the Hindu migrants from west Pakistan and Pakistan Occupied J&K were never made state subjects of J&K. Abdullahs also perpetuated laws which barred Kashmiri women from inheriting from her parents if she married  Indians outside the territory of J&K and she also lost her right to be a state subject. Whereas, a Kashmiri Muslim could happily marry a Pakistani Muslim and make his Pakistani Muslim wife a state subject. So, the Abdullahs created a foundation for Islamic fundamentalism and insidiously kept Hindus out of Kashmir, while assiduously adding more Muslims to Jammu and Ladakh area by settling illegal Bangaldeshi Muslims and Rohinya Muslims from Myanmar. Abullah also enacted many laws which seized large land holdings from Dogra Hindus and Kashmiri Hindus in J&K and distributed them to the so-called poor Muslims of Kashmir under the garb of land reforms; while the Abdullah themselves illegally occupied huge tracts of land in Jammu which they tried to regularise under the dubious Roshni Act which has now been declared unconstitutional by the High Court of J&K.

The Abdullahs also promoted jihadi Islamist mass murderers like Yasin Malik and Bitta Karate (Farooq Ahmad Dar) of the JKLF who has confessed on record to have murdered at least 40   Kashmiri Hindus. Farooq Abdullah justified the genocide and rape of Kashmiri Hindus in 1989-90 under his watch as the Chief Minister, saying the Kashmiri Hindus were educated elite and the Kashmiri Muslims were uneducated ‘poor’ Muslims therefore they harboured deep hatred for them. It is noteworthy that the Kashmiri Muslim elite leadership consistently drafts young poor Muslim children in to jihadi terrorism, while educates their own children in western countries.

The Abdullahs and the Muftis also encourage poor Muslim youth and young children to pelt huge stones on the armed forces whenever they try to neutralise armed jihadi terrorists under the guise of ‘protest’. The Abdullahs and Muftis have notoriously facilitated government employment to family members of secessionists like Syed Ali Shah Geelani and provide monthly pension and scholarship to the family of terrorists killed by the armed forces.

In this scenario, the Modi government’s neutralisation of Art 370 and consequent repeal of Art 35-A to curb secessionism and jihadi terrorism has  rattled the well-entrenched jihad promoting Abdullahs and Muftis so much that they have started to want Chinese invasion of J&K. They probably have a death wish for living in Soviet style “Gulags” made by the China for people far less toxic than them in Xinjiang! It is time the central government stops pandering to these mainstream jihadis and obliges them the Chinese way!

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