Well, there are many aspects to this…


Lets talk about You. You might be reasonably financially comfortable in Life and spending 1000 rupees on weekends for Liquor and Snacks might not be a Big Deal for You. No ?

But, think about the Man on the Street.

He is out there in the Sun, Rain and the Cold. For him, Life is pretty tough and after a point, he certainly wants to Live the Big Life (whether he has the means or not).

Can he book the Swanky Apartment you live in ? Can he book the Luxurious Car you drive ? Can he have a Wonderful Woman like your Wife sitting next to him in an Expensive Car ? No. So, what does he do with the money he has ? Indulge himself with Cheap Liquor. There you have it. A drunk aggressive man on the street going around town.

He thinks thats the way to Live a Big Life as He has seen you having booze in the name of “Fun”.

Perhaps you know that you have to go and sleep after you’ve had a few rounds. Does the Man on the Street understand that ?

And so, the recommendation for Primitive Men and Modern Women is to stay off Liquor… Not for you but in the larger interest of Women (Modern or otherwise, Young or otherwise).


We have all eaten from the Same Earth – so how can we say – “This is me” and “That is the Other” ? This is the Basic Realization and the Root Cause. Until you think “This is Me” and “That is the Other”, there is the Need for Physical Gratification with the Other.

Aren’t the movies (one after the other) showing you how the Actor, over the course of the film, eventually wants the Actress to be his ? “I want to make you mine” is a popular line in the movies. The Actor and Actress have eaten from the same earth, so they’re essentially the same. But, the movies want to repeatedly make you believe that there has been and there needs to be a “Union” between the Actor and the Actress !

Some movies show how, despite all odds (read family) a 21-yr old Actor and a 18-yr old Actress somehow fight everyone around them and get married ! Is that the ultimate objective of a 21-yr old boy and 18-yr old girl !

Some movies show how, a cute smile from a young 13-yr old girl changes the very nature of existence of a 14-yr old boy for a moment. He is shown floating while walking on the street, humming some tunes ! Is that the ultimate objective of a 14-yr old boy – to get a smile from a girl ?

Lets look at a critically acclaimed movie like Masaan. Richa’s character wants to desperately get into bed with a boy. The question is – for an otherwise amazing movie, is there any need to include this physical proximity scene ? Because its critically acclaimed, many young students would want to eagerly see the movie for the performances it has, but what do they get in bonus ? An unnecessary scene of unwed physical proximity !

The characters of Richa and the boy were lucky that their relationship was consensual. But, how many real life instances of violence we hear about when the relationship was not mutual !

The characters of Vicky Kaushal and Shweta Tripathi also share an Intimate moment in one of the scenes ! Another bonus for our students !

Its not a question of Stigma about Pre-marital sex or intimacy, but the complication of Life due to Unnecessary exchange of Memory when bodies rub against each other.

Filmmakers might do this in the name of Freedom of Expression and the desire to make Hard-hitting films. But what do we get when we are looking for Good Cinema ? We do get to see such amazing performances, but you know what we get in bonus !

The Five Senses

Movies have indeed become a very Strong Tool to influence the “conditioning” of our society. Add Liquor to that and you have a remarkably potent combination.

The Five senses are Extremely Powerful. They’re like Five Strong Horses pulling you. Whatever data goes in through the Five Senses influences our “conditioning”.

Our Actions are the result of our “conditioning”. Its extra-ordinarily difficult to undo the “conditioning” one is subjected to.

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