It is quite common for Bollywood movies and television serials to routinely denigrate Hindu traditions, sanyasis and pandits as regressive sly cheats while they depict Muslim and Christian traditions and clergy in a very pious and reverential manner. It is a fashion in India to abuse Hindu tradition and Hindu Gods and Goddesses in the name of ‘rationalism’ and feminism. In my earlier article I wrote[1] how Saif Ali Khan in his movie under production, ‘Adipurush’ essays a role based on Ravana’s character and justifies kidnapping of Devi Sita by Ravana by claiming it was done to avenge Shurpanaka’s imagined insult by Bhagwan Ram. Thus, it would not be wrong to say that there is an organized mafia working with a sole aim to undermine Hinduism and Hindu sentiments as it suits the agenda of the communists and the Abrahamics. The Abrahamics compete with each other in India to convert Hindus to Islam and Christianity with the communists being their useful vehicle to achieve their purpose as nothing succeeds like sabotage from within the Hindu community.

This mafia has now started to condition the mind of Hindu children into believing that anything associated with Hinduism, its traditions, culture, festivals, holy seers is superstition and quackery. The leftist dominated academics and media have over the past 70 years filled up the entire curriculum in schools and higher education with study material demeaning Hinduism. They are now further conditioning the young minds of Hindu children to create a sense of self-loathing by making many cartoons where Hindu pandits and gurus are shown as wily characters without any skills other than cheating.

The latest case in point of this bigotry is the cartoon ‘Sheikh Chilli’ which is aired at 10 am on the official broadcaster of Government of India, the Doordarshan National TV channel. This cartoon has aired a young Muslim boy ridiculing the expertise of a Yoga Guru in executing Yoga asanas. It shows him competing with a Yoga Guru who does a Shirshasana, an upside down or headstand pose and executing it better than the Yoga Guru when the Guru is shown challenging him. Next the Muslim youth is depicted challenging the Guru to perform a ridiculous asana called the ‘Tough asana’ where he convolutes his body and remains suspended by the support of his hands. The Yoga Guru is shown falling flat on his chest trying to attempt the ‘asana’ and says I will come later to challenge you after learning more.

It is baffling that the Doordarshan which runs mainly on taxpayers’ money of Hindus shows cartoons which depict Hindu Yoga Gurus and pandits as inept and corrupt while showing Muslim youths as cool, intelligent characters with scientific bent of mind which has to be emulated. Now, are Hindus subsidizing conversion of their own children to Islam by this kind of one-sided bigotry? Why aren’t their any Muslim cartoon characters showing them having multiple wives and atrociously divorcing them by uttering oral ‘Talak’ thrice or showing Muslim characters throwing stones on a huge granite structure calling it ‘Shaitan’ or Muslims characters stoning innocent pigs because it is considered ‘haram’ in Islam or Muslim men and women knifing or gunning down non-Muslims for the sake of ‘Allah’? And why not show in cartoon Muslim clergymen announcing mobiles, television, cinema, study of science etc. as ‘haram’?

It is shocking that the Union Minister of Information and Broadcasting, Mr Prakash Javadekar, whose grandfather has been the founding member of the Hindu Mahasabha, is blind to the prejudice and venom spread against Hindus and Hinduism by the national broadcaster of this country. It is all the more worrying because Doordarshan channels are the most viewed channels across India because of its reach in remote villages and every nook and corner of India. Lastly, it is ironical that while Prime Minister Narendra Modi takes great pride in his contribution towards making Yoga internationally recognised as a life-style for physical, mental and spiritual well-being and not just an exercise regime by getting the United Nations General Assembly to declare 21stJune as the International Yoga Day, the Government of India’s own official broadcaster wants to reduce it to a sport of physical contortion.


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