In the Nagaon area of Assam, a woman and her lover Mujibur Rahman have been detained for reportedly killing the woman’s husband after he learned about their illicit relationship.

Umesh Bora’s whereabouts were found three months later cut into bits and placed into the toilet’s septic tank. The event took place in Kaliabor’s Kuthori neighborhood in the Nagaon district.
Leena Doley, the superintendent of police in Nagaon, told IANS that Umesh Bora, the deceased, was a carpenter by occupation. He came to Nagaon from Bengaluru where he was making a living by the woodwork. He generally went back to his house every two to three months.

In the meantime, Mujibur Rahman and his wife Rita Bora started dating. When Umesh arrived home from Bengaluru about three months ago, he discovered his wife and Mujibur in an inappropriate situation.
The husband and wife reportedly had angry words with one another. After that Rita and Mujibur strangled Umesh there before killing him.

They then came up with a plan to prevent themselves from being caught. Umesh’s body was partially mutilated and disposed of in the septic tank.

Rita continued by telling the others that Umesh was still away in Bengaluru.
However, the family was concerned about something had gone wrong because Bora had been absent for a number of days. They filed a missing person report at a police station.

When police initiated an inquiry into the matter, everything eventually began to fall apart. When police searched because they had a suspicion, they discovered a skeleton in the septic tank of the toilet.

Rita Bora and Mujibur Rahman were detained on Thursday, according to SP Doley, and an additional investigation into the murder is ongoing.

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