After PLA got badly crushed by the brave soldiers of Indian Army, it went up to play games on social media by trying to spread propaganda and fake news of Chinese soldiers taking over the Galwan valley. But here in the field of social media also, China has to face defeat in the hands of Indian Army.

On 1st of January, Shen Shiwei shared a 45 second video on his handle where it could be seen that PLA soldiers were unfurling Chinese flag at what they claimed, Galwan Valley. Similar video showing the capture of Galwan valley was also put forward by CCP mouthpiece “Global Times”. The sharing of this video was just to propagate their petty propaganda. But sadly many Indian journalists and politicians include Nawabzade “Rahul Gandhi” went on to question the Bhartiya Government on security grounds.

But fortunately the propaganda of China got busted by the hands of Indian Army after the pictures of Bhartiya soldiers in Galway Valley with Indian Flag came out. The pictures soldiers holding the Indian flag in the Galwan Valley is from New Year. The pictures is of the place where India-China clashes took place in June 2020.

It’s amusing to see, how some journalists and politicians living in India wants proof when Indian Army does surgical strike but fully agrees when Chinese mouthpiece tries to propagate their propaganda.

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