Biden’s Revoking of Trump’s Affordable Drug Policy Gladdens Pharma Companies

Biden freezes Trump's Drug Policy which benefited patients to buy essential drugs at cheaper rates by passing on the discount savings of community health centres on insulin and epinephrine to patients. Pertinently the Big Pharma Lobby had funded Biden's election in a big way as they could no longer fleeze the average American citizens and residents by selling overpriced drugs. Therefore, this move of Biden elates the Big Pharma lobby and makes the common American citizens to pay through their nose for essential drugs.

UN staff To not fly By pakistani flying coffins

Fake Pakistani Pilot Licenses makes the UN caution its agencies worldwide not to travel by any Pakistan-registered airlines, including the PIA. Shouldn't Pakistan be banned from flying in international air space to avoid air jihad by fake pilots?

Regular Attacks On Hindu Priests by Islamists In Kerala

Hindu priests are being systematically attacked in Kerala by Islamic fundamentalists when they travel for their morning poojas to temples. Hindu culture, tradition and their very lives are under threat from the PFI radicals and leftists in Kerala.