The Anti-Hindu MK Stalin government’s relentless attack on ancient Hindu Temples ever since it came to power, is being vociferously protested against by the Hindu community as a whole in Tamil Nadu.

In fact, the most prominent voice against the destruction of Hindu Temples and its traditions by the MK Stalin government has come from OBC and SC outfits who have warned Stalin to give up his policy of making unwarranted interference in Hindu religious traditions and Temple affairs.

The Other Backward Classes and Scheduled Caste organisations are up in arms against the latest move by the MK Stalin government of sacking traditional temple priests, specially the traditional Shivachariyas and Bhattachariyas, replacing them with half-baked candidates passing Sarkari Certificate courses who are not well trained in the Agama Shastras.

The traditional Shivachariyas or Bhattachariyas are not to be confused with Brahmin Iyers or Iyengars, they are a separate denomination of Gurukals who are trained in Agama Shastras.

Shivachariyars are believed to be dedicated servants of Bhagwan Shiva and their primary duty is to perform pujas in Saivite Temples as per Agamas and Vedas. Similarly, the Bhattachariyas are devoted servers of Bhagwan Vishnu who conduct Pujas and Homams in Vishnavite Temples.

The Adi Shaiva Shivachariyargal Seva Sangam has approached the Madras High Court against the HR&CE notification under MK Stalin government making it mandatory for a completion of certificate course conducted by the HR&CE to be appointed as Archakar (priests) in the various Temples in Tamil Nadu.

The Shaivachariyargal Samgam pointed out that such mandatory requirements imposed by the government is aimed at keeping out the traditional Shivachariyas and Bhattachariyas who undergo rigorous training in Vedas and Agama Shastras from a very young age in Gurukulas under religious Gurus after taking Diksha (initiation ceremony).

They are trained for a minimum period of three years in the Shastras and groomed further for another five years to perform homams and pujas. Thus, they are traditionally trained for minimum eight years before they are appointed as Archakas in Temples.

The MK Stalin government wants to appoint ill-equipped people who have passed 10th Standard, studying a heavy dose of anti-Hindu EVR ideology laced school textbooks, with Certificate classroom course in Agama Shastras conducted by TN government as Archakas in ancient Hindu Temples by sacking the traditional Gurukulam trained Shivachariyars and Bhattachariyas.

The Stalin government had issued notifications to appoint Archakas according to the new rules in 38 ancient Temples including the Subramaniswamy Temple in Thiruchendur, Venkatachalapati Temple in Thuraiyur, Meenakshi Sundareswarar Temple in Madurai, Kolanjiappar Temple at Manavalanallur in Cuddalore.

The OBC and SC organizations of Virudhunagar district have condemned the move of the MK Stalin government to appoint Sarkari Archakas and servitors in the ancient Srivilliputtur Andal Temple by removing the traditional Archakas, servitors and cooks serving the Temple for hundreds of years.

In a scathing press release the organizations said that the traditional Archakas, servitors and cooks have been taking care of the Temple according to established ancient practices very smoothly for hundreds of years, the present anti-Hindu government with visceral hatred for Sanatan Dharma and Hindus want to destroy and completely kill ancient Hindu Temples.

The statement said that the notice issued by the HR&CE department about appointing new Sarkari Archakas, servitors and cooks to the Srivilliputhur Andal Temple and other Temples in the surrounding regions have shocked their communities.

OBC, SC, Raju and Nayakkar caste organisations have strongly opposed the appointment of non-Brahmin priests in Srivilliputhur Andal Temple. The organisations pointed out that Virudhunagar district is known for caste clashes and this step would only create fresh hostilities and ignite fights.

The statement reportedly said, “If one wishes to involve themselves in the internal affairs of the Temple and render service, they should hail from the particular tradition and should be well aware of the guidelines of the ancient Temple.”

They further added that, “In this light, the move to destroy the ancient established traditions of the Temple has caused great pain to our community.”

The statement was reportedly issued by Pariyar Maha Sabha, Naadar Ilagnar Ezhuchi Mandaram (Nadar Youth Forum), Saaliyar Ezhuchi Kazhagam and Vennikkaalaadi Ezhuchi Paasarai.


The HR&CE department under the state government controls over 38,400 Hindu Temples and Maths, many of which are over 2000 years old. Only 4-6% of the Temples have traditional Brahmin priests. The rest of about 37,000 Temples under HR&CE have traditional ancestral non-Brahmin priests from all castes.

The ancient Sampradaya Temples in Tamil Nadu have therefore been religiously following their respective traditions for centuries. The non-existent Brahmin hegemony is a red herring by communist-atheist-Christianist-Islamist combine with ultimate aim to destroy Hinduism.

The Hindu hating DMK party government headed by MK Stalin wants to destroy the Temple traditions and practices religiously observed by all sections of Hindu Samaj for thousands of years amicably by bringing in new rules like doing Archanais in Tamil in place of traditional Sanskrit mantras and appointing DMK’s servants as Archakas and servitors instead of the traditional ancestral servants of Hindu deities.

MK Stalin seems to be dancing to the tunes of Evangelist-Christianist conversion mafia very close to the party with goal to destroy Hindu Temples.


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