A video surfacing on internet of the demonstrators throwing insulting obscenities against Prime Minister Narendra Modi amid violence conducted by alleged aspirants of defence in Bihar and neighbouring states in protest of the central government’s recently announced Agnipath Recruitment Scheme.

In the video, it can be seen that the protestors are raising abusive slogans against India’s Prime Minister, shared by Organiser Weekly on June 16. Though the location of the video is unknown, tyres are burning in the middle of the road where these irate demonstrators have sat on a dharna, criticising PM Modi and demanding the scheme be abolished.

For the third day in a row, protestors have disrupted railway and road traffic, set trains on fire, and attacked public and police vehicles in various regions across Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, and other neighbouring states as a result of misinterpretation about the Agnipath scheme.

Other than that, on Friday these alleged candidates for the defence torched an empty train on fire and vandalised a couple more trains in Bihar. A video of youngsters yelling slogans and vandalising the Ballia-Varanasi Memu and Ballia-Shahganj trains went viral as well.

Bihar Sampark Kranti Express is seen on fire in Bihar’s Samastipur district in another footage.

At the Lakhminia railway station in Bihar, accused army aspirants vandalised and blocked train tracks.

The agitators also stormed Bihar Dy CM Renu Devi’s home in Bettiah on Friday. “Our Bettiah home was broken into. We were severely harmed. Renu Devi’s son stated, “She (Renu Devi) is in Patna.”

Protesters laid down on railway tracks in Jehanabad and Buxar districts yesterday, preventing trains from running on the Patna-Gaya and Patna-Buxar routes. The agitators were also seen throwing stones at the police, who were being subdued by lathi-charge. In one occasion in Bihar’s Chhapra, the mob was so enraged that it set fire to a parked train.

These alleged aspirants have been blocking railway tracks, throwing burning tyres on roadways, and performing push-ups and other drills on the streets to protest the new recruiting policy in portions of Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, and Telangana

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Home Affairs clarified the myths and facts related to the Agnipath scheme on Thursday when the protest took place post launch of the Agnipath recruitment scheme. 


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