20th Jan 2021. Americans rejoice that a cranky and bad President is voted out and a “Good” President takes office.

What happens therafter?

  1. Within 2 months after the new guy takes office, Military coup by pro-China Army happens and democracy is crushed in Myanmar. Myanmar is strategically important for China for reaching Bay of Bengal. China wants open navigation all throughout world except South China Sea which it claims its own.
  2. Within a month, the Oil prices start rising. The Oil prices are determined by the Oil Cartel i.e. OPEC+. What is a Cartel? Lets say in a market, five businessmen join hands and fix prices and don’t allow any other businessman enter business. OPEC+ fixes Oil prices, dictates other member countries how much Oil they can produce. The earlier US presidents(including Trump) had made this Cartel defunct by letting US Shale Oil enter world market there by distorting the balance created by OPEC+ and Oil prices remained in Control. What the new Popular President does? He reduces Shale Oil production by US, thereby letting the Oil Cartel to dictate prices again and the Oil prices rise again.
  3. All Indians say that India is not a Dharmasala. No Bangladeshi can come and go whenever (s)he wants. Similarly US is not also a Dharmasala, it is a sovereign country. Now anyone, irrespective of nationality can come, stay and leave in US either legally or illegally. This situation is taken advantage by illegal Mexicans and also the Mexican drug cartel.
  4. Barely six months later, Afghanistan is lost. Trump wanted a settlement where-in Taliban shares power within the limits of Afghan Constitution. Now the Taliban seizes power and will most adopt the Constitution given by “Allah”. The takeover takes a week after a big Taliban delegation meets the Chinese foreign minister, the same had happened in Myanmar.
  5. CNN(an extremely important news outlet) openly broadcasts the Chinese Communist Party(CCP)’s centenary celebrations and glorifies the contribution of the CCP in building a modern world.

And what no one should be surprised if this happens:

  1. If China captures Taiwan.
  2. And if China nukes Japan.
  3. And if, India and Pakistan+China nuke one another.

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