1. In 1510-11: Guru Nanak Devji visited Ayodhya to have darshan of Janmabhoomi Mandir of Lord Ram. All 4 Janamsakhis (biographies Guru Nanak) state unambiguously & in detail about this pilgrimage

2. 21 April 1526 : First battle of Panipat took place in which Babur defeated Ibrahim Lodi, thus establishing the Mughal Empire

3. In 1528 : Mir Baqi, on the orders of Mughal emperor Babur, constructed the Babri Masjid by demolishing the previous structure. (inscriptions & later archaeological evidence found on the premises indicate the same)

It was also officially known as Masjid-i-Janmasthan (“Mosque of the Birthplace”) until the 1940s. This is reflected in government’s revenue records from the Mughal courts as well as subsequent ones from Nawab of Awadh’s court, and finally from records from British Raj

4. In 1855 : First Clashes between Hindus and Muslims broke out in Ayodhya
5. In November 1858: Nihang Baba Fakir Singh Khalsa barged into Babri Masjid in Ayodhya, conducted a Hawan and wrote ‘Ram Ram’ on the walls of the mosque
6. In 1859 : A fence was erected at the Babri masjid site by the British
7. On December 23, 1949 – two years after India gained Independence from British rule – idols of Ram were placed inside the Babri Mosque by Abhiram Das (a Hindu Sadhu)
8. During 1950s -1986: Legal suits multiplied and the compound was locked up
9. In 1986 : Rajiv Gandhi-led Congress government at the Centre, the unlocked the Babri Masjid, allowing Hindus to worship inside
10. December 1992: The demolition of the Babri Masjid took place
11. In 1993-1994: Post-Demolition Riots erupted across India
12. 2002-2003: the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) conducted excavations, finding evidence of a Hindu temple beneath the mosque. The legal battle continued
13. 2019: Basis the report submitted by ASI, the Supreme Court awarded the entire disputed land to Hindus for the construction of the Ram Temple and allocated an alternate site for the construction of a mosque

14. 2024: The Ram Temple at Ayodhya inaugurated on January 22

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