I recently saw a post from Gargi Rawat Ansari , the journalist from  Adani owned NDTV , expressing shock that a Justice Pankaj Jain rejected a Petition related to same sex couple and used some not so pleasant language. This is laughabale coming from someone who is married A certain Yusuf Ansari , relative of Mukhtar Ansari the criminal , an LSE educated Anglophile Muslims who openly does not accept Homosexuals as his religion does not allow him.

I mean why express shock at other and NEVER call out your own husband ?

She has been called out before in another post regarding the same when she was mocking Ramdev Baba for not recognising homosexuality while her husband openly proclaims the same.

While @gargirawat Ansari mocks Baba Ramdev for not supporting LGBT, she stays silent when her husband does the same.

Shameless hyporcite as always with the liberal trash gang .

So justice jain not recognising same sex bad , to be mocked but her so called educated husband not recognising same sex couple OH SO HALAL. Damn woman you make Nidhi Razdan look intelligent

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