At Mewar University at Gangrar in Chittorgarh, Ayush Gupta, an engineering student from Gulabpur, and his friends were beaten by Kashmiri students for celebrating the successful landing of Chandrayaan 3. The entire nation delighted on the historic event of India’s lunar mission’s ground-breaking achievement on August 23.

However, that didn’t sit well with some of the institution’s other students. The disturbing incident was captured on camera with some kids brandishing swords and weapons while others were seen fleeing.

Ayush Sharma and other students were eating in the mess when the Chandrayaan-3 mission’s Vikram lander completed a successful soft touchdown on the moon. They sang pro-Indian slogans like Bharat Mata ki Jai and Vande Mataram. He was joined by a few other pupils in the celebrations. However, several of the Kashmiri students in attendance opposed to the celebration since they were unhappy with it.

The two groups then got into a disagreement over this. But when 10 to 12 Kashmiri students attacked them with pointed objects to show their discontent, things took a violent turn. As a result, Ayush Sharma and another child both sustained serious injuries. They managed to escape from there in some way, and then they were taken to a hospital.

Following this, the Muslim Kashmiri students began shouting anti-Indian slogans on campus and marching with swords and other weapons. Outsiders that the Kashmiri students had invited joined them. In the videos of the incident, they can be heard yelling “Allah hu Akbar,” the Islamic anthem.

After hearing about the incident, members of Hindu organisations also arrived at the facility. The two groups then engaged in another altercation as a result. The conflict between the two communities grew worse to the point that a significant incident occurred and more than a dozen people were hurt. Students from Kashmir reportedly threw stones at them while chanting anti-Hindu insults. After learning of the incident, police responded to the scene and ended the argument. Outside the institution, there was a large police presence at this time. Currently, security measures are in place, and law and order are upheld.





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