Denying the Holocaust of Jews in Nazi Germany is illegal in some nations while speaking about the Kashmiri Hindu exodus is propaganda. In keeping with that strategy, even the recent genocide of Kashmiri Hindus, which took place just three decades ago, is casually ignored in spite of overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

The level of communal peace in the Valley dramatically decreased as a result of the rise in terrorism in Kashmir and escalating state persecution. From 1989–1990, the Muslims attacked the Pandits numerous times.

Even though they were a small minority, Muslims and Hindu Pandits in the Valley had similar lifestyles. Both shared the same syncretic culture, the same language, and comparable dietary preferences. Kashmir truly welcomed every new religion with open arms and added to it with its own ideas while preserving its original characteristics. Sufism’s influence gave Kashmiri Muslims a liberal, secular attitude toward other people.

Long live Hindu, Muslim, and Sikh Unity had abruptly vanished from the political lexicon of the Muslim crowds, who appeared to have given up on their rational behaviour patterns as essential elements of civilised life. Instead, they seemed to be engaging in tyre bonfires at night, forcing Hindu Kaffirs to participate, and installing high-voltage lamps at crossings in a state of high-pitched hysteria solely to act as signal posts for the Afghan, Libyan, and others in. All of this is a spectacular concoction of hysteria, ignorance, imagination, and naiveté tinted green by the Islamist spotlights.

The newly coined slogans, uttered with zooming zeal, contained an astonishingly narrow message that declared war on Hindus, threatened them with death and destruction, gave them no room for manoeuvre, and frightened them into quitting and buzzing off. They also emphasised the establishment of the Prophet’s rule and revealed the Prophet’s governance’s lack of cultural accomplishments.

The slogans were:

    • Kashmir main rahna hai, Allah-ho-Akbar Kahna hoga.
    • (If you choose to live in Kashmir, you must say Allah-o- Akbar).

    • Asi gachi Pakistan, Bata ros ta batanev san.
    • (We want Pakistan, with Kashmiri Hindu women and without their men-folk).

    • Allah-o-Akbar, Musalmano jago Kafiro bhago, jehad aa raha hai.
    • (Allah-o-Akbar, arise and awake Muslims, buzz off infidels, jehad is approaching.)

    • Kashmir kya banega – Pakistan
    • (What will Kashmir be – Pakistan)

    • Zalimo O, Kafiro, Kashmir hamara chhod do
    • (Ye cruel Kafirs (infidels) vacate our Kashmir)

    • Yahan kya chalega, Nizam – e – Mustafa
    • (What will have sway here – Prophet’s governance)

    • Arise ye, fearless Momins, For Russia has lost the race, Now the sword hangs on India’s neck, Now it is Kashmir’s turn
    • Islam hamara maksad hai, Kuran hamara dastur hai, Jehad hamara rasta hai. (Islam is our destination, Koran is our constitution, Jehad is our way.)
    • Hamein kya chahye, Nizame Mustafa, Kashmere main kya chalaiga, Nizame Mustafa, Hindustan mein kya chalaiga, Nizame Mustafa have sway in Kashmir – Prophet’s governance. (What do we need – Prophet’s governance?) What will have sway in India – Prophet’s governance.
  • Ganga-Jamuna mein aag lagayenge
  • (We will destroy Ganga and Yamuna)

An exodus, a forced exodus, a diaspora, a crisis thrust upon them, an ethnic cleansing, a manipulation for their genocide, and the completion of the pogrom conceived in the 14th century were the net results of the Islamic agenda as spearheaded by Muslim crowds chanting slogans replete with hostility and hatred toward the Hindus. The Kashmiri Hindus marched out of their own land in the face of an armed assault solely to preserve their skin and beliefs. They paid large sums to the owners of trucks and buses to transport them across the Bannihal tunnel to safer zones because they gave two hoots about their crores worth of moveable and immovable property. The village’s poor and needy residents let their ornamented cows wander off but sold off their bulls for pitiful sums in order to flee from the monsters of murder, theft, and arson that prowled around. The first to leave were the Hindus from the border towns of Kupwara and Handwara in northern Kashmir, followed by teenage girls from Srinagar and nearby towns and hamlets. 

While speaking about KP exodus becomes propaganda, hailing terrorist Burhan Wani as a youth icon and son of a poor headmaster is maintaining communal harmony. Not only this, but By characterising the 2% minority as a predatory class that appeared to have cornered all the prestigious positions and power in the state, leading to their alienation from the majority community, Barkha Dutt promoted narratives that put the blame for the genocide squarely on the shoulders of Kashmiri Pandits.

The extent of this hypocrisy was ultimate when Yasin Malik was hailed as a youth icon in the India Today conclave during the rule of UPA 1. The same Yasin Malik had access to PMO and had all the privileges a VIP gets.

The so-called intellectuals tried their best for the public to forget but even after more than 30 years, the sorrow, suffering, and tears of thousands of Kashmiri Pandits can still be heard throughout the valley. Records show that 219 Kashmiri Pandits were murdered by Islamists and lacs of them left their homeland.

Not only were Hindus driven out of Kashmir during that time, but also temples were demolished, homes were burned to the ground, and millions of people were left homeless.


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